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[Update July 31] Galaxy Watch 4 Series One UI Watch 4.5 Tracker



Galaxy Watch 4 One UI Watch 4.5

On July 26, 2022:

After nearly two weeks, Samsung published the fifth One UI Watch 4.5 beta update for Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic users. The update is only available to users who have previously registered for this beta program; others who have not registered for this activity should wait for the stable rollout.

The fifth One UI Watch 4.5 beta update was rolled out with build number R860XXU1ZVG7, while it only requires a tiny 169.58MB installation. Although the user experience has improved significantly with just a small package. Below, you can see how the fifth beta release has improved things.

Galaxy Watch 4 One UI Watch 4.5 fifth beta update changelog: (Translated)

  • Bugs that have been fixed
  • Stabilized Watchface function.
  • Fixed the permission issue of clock and weather complications in the digital dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue that the downloaded watch face is not recovered.
  • Fixed forced the close issue when a challenge is completed after setting together complications.
  • Improved SGG watch face stability
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of bubble view in the Line app.
  • Improved the problem that the display is on slowly at wrist up during cycle exercise.
  • Improved battery charging function.
  • Stabilized the power consumption.
  • Improved the correctness of the Compass app.

You may see the complete information here:

On July 14, 2022:

The fourth One UI Watch 4.5 beta update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series was released by Samsung on July 14, 2022. This version also includes numerous enhancements and provides a more stable experience for beta users.

The fourth version of this beta update has out with the build number R8xxXXU1ZVG3 and it fixes the pop-up option, Bluetooth connection, Not Responding problem and much more. The complete enhancements that came with the fourth beta release are listed below.

Galaxy Watch 4 One UI Watch 4.5 fourth beta update changelog: (Translated)

  • Fixed force closed the issue of permission pop-up when the users add current location in Weather Tile
  • Fixed mismatch problem of connection status between Galaxy Wearable App and BT setting
  • Fixed ANR problem when checking Samsung Health screen during exercise
  • Fixed time-shaking problem of Stopwatch
  • Stabilized Watchface function
  • Stabilized sleeping mode function
  • Fixed the issue of the Sysui crash
  • Improved the stabilization of the Message App
  • Improved Watch Battery App
  • Other improvements are applied.

You may see the complete information here:

On July 12, 2022:

As is already known, users of the Galaxy Watch 4 series will soon be able to upgrade to the One UI Watch 4.5 skin, which is based on the Wear OS 3.5 operating system from Google. Additionally, we have made public certain leaked features that will undoubtedly be included in the final release.

The One UI Watch 4.5 stable update will be available to all users following the release of the Galaxy Watch 5 series, according to the most recent report. That indicates that after August 10, 2022, users of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will receive a stable update. The five beta upgrades for the Galaxy Watch 4 series have already been released by the South Korean tech giant Samsung.

These features may be included in the Galaxy Watch 4 series One UI Watch 4.5 stable update:

  1. QWERTY keyboard on a Galaxy Watch 4 series
  2. Dual-SIM compatibility
  3. More watch face customization
  4. More accessibility features.

You may view the full list of features here:

On July 06, 2022:

The third One UI Watch 4.5 beta update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series will be accessible in the first week of July, as we previously indicated. The third Watch 4.5 beta update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series is now out in the US and once again includes a ton of fixes.

The new version number for the third One UI Watch 4.5 beta update is R860XXU1ZVFA, and the package size is 252.80MB (Read the full news). You should also be aware that only those who have already provided all the necessary information for this beta program are eligible for this upgrade. On the other hand, the company will provide a stable version to all Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic users after the beta build has been entirely finished.

According to certain reports, the Galaxy Watch 4 series Wear OS 3.5 stable upgrade will launch in late July with a complete complement of capabilities. You will also receive all the features that we discovered in the One UI Watch 4.5 beta update’s first, second, and third beta updates. You may view the complete changelog below.

Galaxy Watch 4 series third One UI Watch 4.5 update changelog: (Translated)

  • Improving Watchface GUI
  • Fixed restore problem after Tile backup
  • Fixed SysUI crash problem when pushing the Home button during scrolling
  • Fixed Music Bixby malfunction problem
  • Improving wearing detection accuracy
  • Improving the usability of Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, and World Clock
  • Stabilizing touch performance
  • Improving power consumption caused by Buds auto-switch communication
  • Improving the performance of automatic exercise
  • Improving recognition rate of Wrist up when bicycle exercise
  • Fixed BT connection problem when running gallery app
  • Other improvements are applied.

On June 21, 2022:

Samsung had launched it’s most popular smartwatch series – the Galaxy Watch 4 in the month of August 2021. Under the Galaxy Watch 4 series, we have got two variants first is the Galaxy Watch 4 and the second one is the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Both smartwatches have run on Google’s Wear OS operating system in the place of TizenOS.

By the way, the Galaxy Watch 4 series was released with cutting-edge technology and is currently one of the most popular smartwatches on the market. We can see a lot of new features and applications, and we can also manage the apps through the Google Play Store, which is compatible with Wear OS.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series is also at the forefront of health-tracking technology, with a variety of health-monitoring capabilities that prove to be extremely valuable to consumers. The company has also given close attention to its most recent smartwatches, providing firmware upgrades on a regular basis that contain several improvements as well as device stability. The company has also sent out the new functionality through OTA updates.

The One UI Watch 4.5 Beta upgrade, which was recently launched, is the company’s most significant move for these smartwatches. So far, we’ve only seen major updates for smartphones, but Samsung has announced a substantial update for its Galaxy Watch 4 series for the first time. So, let’s have a look at the Galaxy Watch 4 series beta update.

Galaxy Watch 4

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TelegramSamsung announced in the last week of May 2022 that users of the Galaxy Watch 4 series will receive the first One UI Watch beta upgrade. The company started registering for the One UI Watch 4.5 Beta upgrade just two days after the announcement, and it is already accessible for South Korean and US consumers.

The company then launched the first One UI Watch 4.5 Beta upgrade for Galaxy Watch 4 series users on June 03, 2022. The initial beta version is based on Wear OS 3.5, an upgrade from Wear OS 3.2. The first watch beta version includes a new user interface, new watch faces that will draw your attention to your watch screen, and other useful features.

A dual-SIM user interface, enhanced notifications with subtext field support, and improvements to the built-in keyboard, including voice input and handwriting support, are also included in the initial beta version. There are also more options for setting alarms.

After almost two weeks, the second One UI Watch 4.5 Beta update is now available for Galaxy Watch 4 series users, bringing numerous enhancements to the wristwatches. Users of the Galaxy Watch 4 series will be able to download the third phase of the One UI Watch 4.5 Beta upgrade, which we anticipate will contain new features as well as improvements.

The Galaxy Watch 4 will shortly get it’s third One UI Watch 4.5 Beta:

Given the success of the second update, it’s likely that the third version of the One UI Watch 4.5 Beta update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series will be released shortly. The third beta version is expected to arrive in the first week of July 2022, in which we hope that the company brings a number of new features and also improves the battery backup of the devices.

We may also see changes to the bugs that surfaced in the first and second versions of the One UI Watch 4.5 Beta in the third update. In addition, you may notice improved stability in the performance of your devices in the third update, which indicates that the business will send out the stable update to all users following the third phase.

When will the Galaxy Watch 4 series get the stable update?

Samsung has not released any details about the One UI 4.5 stable upgrade for the Galaxy Watch 4 series as of yet. However, it is not realistic to say that the stable version will be available to all users only after the second phase, as there are still certain additions and improvements to be observed.

We don’t have any details on the One UI 4.5 stable upgrade right now, but we anticipate it being available to all Galaxy Watch 4 series consumers by the end of July or early August 2022.

The second One UI Watch 4.5 Beta update includes many fixes:

The goal of the second beta build is to correct the features that didn’t operate properly during the first beta testing period, rather than introducing new ones. For starters, the latest update claims to reduce power consumption. In addition, the Health app should now run more smoothly and not crash. It should also be able to recognize activities such as running and swimming with greater accuracy.

The app’s performance has improved in the second beta build, and GPS connectivity has improved. Furthermore, when music is playing on the Watch 4, the call receiving screen should now appear properly, and there are further adjustments for My Photo+, AR emoji, alarms not snoozing correctly, the weather screen clipping off, and more.

The changelog is as follows (translated):

  • Bugs fixes
  • Enhanced GPS stability
  • Improved app performance
  • More stable health-tracking features improved running and swimming performance
  • Fixed slowdowns and unexpected termination of the Health app
  • Stabilized power consumption: Fixed My Photo and My Style background photo, also fixed issues with AR emoji character not being restored when the data is restored
  • Fixed call receiving screen not appearing when Watch music is playing during Watch and Buzz connection
  • Fixed issue that caused the reminder alarm to remain after being snoozed
  • Fixed layout issue for the weather screen when the font size is enlarged
  • Other improvements.

The first One UI Watch 4.5 Beta release includes the following improvements:

In the first One UI Watch 4.5 Beta update, the Galaxy Watch 4 series users have received a dual-SIM user interface, better alerts with subtext field support, and improvements to the built-in keyboard, including voice input and handwriting support. There are also more alarm-setting choices and the update has provided lot’s of new watch faces for users.

The first One UI Watch 4.5 Beta update changelog: (Translated)

Watch screen:

  • New duo edge/box complications are added.
  • The watch screen has been upgraded.

Call, Contact:

  • Dual SIM function & UI are added.


  • Agif msg play is supported at the message.
  • New unified composer: Launch with an integrated keyboard, stt, and scramble functions, and draft function support.
  • Subtext field support: Display additional information such as Gmail noti account name.
    Single Unicode emoticon zoom: Supports noti body enlargement function consisting of one emoticon.


  • Support Qwerty Layout, Continuous Input Support seamless input of Keyboard/Handwriting/Voice Input.


  • Add date, alarm name, notification, etc. to alarm setting.

Keep an eye on us! We’ll be bringing you detailed information regarding the One UI Watch 4.5 Beta upgrade through this page.

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Aditya primarily uses Huawei and Samsung electronic equipment. Aditya likes wearing smartwatches as well, and at the moment he has a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Huawei Watch GT 2. As a tech geek, he constantly researches and meticulously evaluates new technology.


Huawei Watch GT 2 receiving better system stability with the August 2022 firmware update




Huawei Watch GT 2

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has started rolling out the August 2022 firmware update for the Huawei Watch GT 2 users. That’s great news for the Watch GT 2 users because they got the new firmware update almost five months later. However, users won’t be disappointed by this new firmware because it has many enhancements that will improve your experience.

According to the official rollout information, the August 2022 firmware for the Huawei Watch GT 2 users has come with the new version and has a 75MB installation size which is quite large for users, so you keep in mind to manage your smartwatch battery before the installation.

First, we discuss new features that the company has not added for users, which may leave them feeling a little let down. However, if we move on to improvements, the most recent update optimizes system stability to enhance performance. Additionally, users will experience lag-free performance when using the watch application, sports features, and health features. Check out the changelog and other details in the sections below.

Huawei Watch GT 2

(Huawei Watch GT 2)

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Device Name:

  • Huawei Watch GT 2

Update Version:


Update Size:

  • 75MB.



  • Optimize the system stability of some scenarios.

Huawei Watch GT 2 August 2022 update

Keep in your mind before upgrading:

  1. For a better user experience, you are advised to update the Huawei Health app to the latest version in the app store first.
  2. Keep Bluetooth connected during the update. If the update fails, try again.
  3. Updating the wearable device may take some time. Please wait for the progress bar on the device to complete. The device will automatically restart after the update is complete.


Connect the watch to your phone using the Huawei Health app, open the app, touch Devices, touch the device name, choose the latest software update, and follow the onscreen instructions to update your smartwatch.


Huawei launched its Watch GT 2 smartwatch in the month of September 20219 with lots of unique features. The smartwatch comes in two variants namely 46mm and 42mm. It has a 1.2 inch (3.05 cm) AMOLED Display display for apps, on the wear-ability side, this smartwatch weighs 29 grams. The smartwatch has packed with a 445mAh battery which provides a whole day’s non-stop performance.

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HarmonyOS 3.0

Huawei Watch 3 receiving one more HarmonyOS 3.0 beta update that brings amazing features




Huawei Watch 3 series

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has started rolling out another HarmonyOS 3.0 beta update for the Huawei Watch 3 users. The latest update comes with new changes, that change lot’s of things on your wearable devices. To be mentioned, at the launch of HarmonyOS 3.0, the company distributed the first HarmonyOS 3.0 interface to the Huawei Watch 3 series.

Now it is the second beta update for the Huawei Watch 3 series users which is available on the home ground and accessible for those users who have successfully listed their names in the first registration stage. Now without further ado, let’s examine the changes and the new version.

Huawei Watch 3 build information:

According to the information provided by the official rollout, the developers have begun to distribute the new version, which has an installation size of 440MB, but the feature will give you much more than this. Keep in mind that the latest firmware for the Huawei Watch 3 series is based on HarmonyOS 3.0 and it is the second beta update for the users.

Huawei Watch 3 new features:

Huawei Watch 3 series now got the second beta update of the HarmonyOS 3.0 system and the update brings several new features such as the Super Device, new sports features, better health management, smart travel features and much more.

The Super Device feature is now supported and through the pull-down dial interface, this feature is conveniently accessible. As a result, it gives users the ability to perform various tasks by allowing them to connect their smartwatches to their smartphones.

On the other hand, the update enhances the device’s sports tracking and health features. It raises the health report’s accuracy level and gives users a more personalized and thorough device.

With this update, the company also makes a new gaming feature accessible to users, through which you can get helpful hints and more guidelines on how to play the game. The update also improves the Bluetooth connection and adds a new Bluetooth icon.  Below you can check the full features of this update via the changelog.

Huawei Watch 3 series

(HarmonyOS 3.0 2nd beta update for the Huawei Watch 3 series)

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TelegramHuawei Watch 3 HarmonyOS 3.0 beta 2 changelog:

Super Device:

  • Enables you to interconnect and collaborate between smartwatch and phone with a single pull.
  • Perform several actions and easily control connectivity between smart screens, Bluetooth headsets, fitness equipment, and more.

Professional Sports features:

  • The update brings an automated pause switch that can stop or resume the exercise and other workouts according to your exercise status. You can access the feature by visiting the Settings > Exercise Settings > Automatic Pause.
  • The device will also be able to support sports linkage to control the pause, end, and continue the course over the smartphone. Besides, it can connect to other Huawei devices and can use the S-TAG connection to sense posture, cycling, running, and more.
  • The screen will remain enabled till you are doing exercise. As a result, you can easily check on real-time exercise details. Next, you can explore, connect, and utilize sports equipment with the all-new Sports Health Equipment Management. To access it, navigate to Settings > More Connections > Sports Health Equipment Management.

Health Management:

  • Addition of a new altitude care function that showcases the risk of altitude sickness and gives scientific advice.

Smart Travel:

  • NFC car key now supports the new BYD models
  • Enhanced the door-opening function of smart vehicles with a touch of a Bluetooth car key.

Smart Life, Smart Features:

  • Additions of a new ‘Automated enter and exit sleep mode’ tab in the sleep application. When enabled, the watch will automatically enter and exit the sleep mode as per your sleep status. Further, it also supports custom durations. You can enable it by Sleep app > Sleep Settings.
  • You can now mute either the watch or smartphone while answering a Bluetooth call.
  • You can also switch audio devices instantly during eSIM calls through the Smart Voice control settings.

Advanced Dial:

  • Addition of Kaleidoscope dial that let you select your pic to create a personalized dial. You can also rotate the crown to see the kaleidoscope effect.
  • Now you have the access to install your favorite face watch directly from the watch.


  • New gaming feature that permits you to learn several thoughtful tips and usage of the smartwatch.


  • Optimizes the Bluetooth connection of the watch.
  • Adds a new Bluetooth icon that gets enabled while usage.

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Google Pixel

Google Pixel 6a can unlock the screen refresh rate to 90Hz through MOD



google pixel 6a

According to The Verge, the Google Pixel 6a uses a 6.1-inch OLED display that supports a 60Hz refresh rate, but there is a way to unlock the 90Hz mode.

Twitter user TheLunarixus has created a mod that unlocks 90Hz mode on Pixel 6a phones, and they’re working on a custom ROM that will make it easy for any Pixel 6a owner to open the increased refresh rate.

The test found that the Pixel 6a can unlock the 90Hz mode through this MOD. It’s unclear if the Pixel 6a’s display panel actually supports 90Hz, or if it’s overclocked to get a faster refresh rate.

DNS has learned that to unlock 90Hz mode on the Pixel 6a, users need to enable debug mode and OEM unlocking in settings, load the bootloader, manually flash the Android 13 beta, disable parts and check to flash the modified vendor_boot mirror.

google pixel 6a

It should be noted that some users found that the mobile phone had a green screen problem after applying this MOD. Developer Kuba Wojciechowski has warned that Samsung may not rate the Pixel 6a’s display at 90Hz, which is likely just overclocking.

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