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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Receives First Security Update with Wear OS 4



Samsung Galaxy watch 4

Samsung just launched a security update for Galaxy Watch 4, running on the latest One UI Watch 5 with Wear OS 4. This update, identified as version R870XXU1HWL1, is currently being rolled out to users. It focuses on enhancing the device’s stability, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

The Galaxy Watch 4 just got its first update after the One UI Watch 5 upgrade. While it doesn’t specify the issues it addresses, the update boosts the watch’s stability by fixing known problems to improve overall performance.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic hasn’t received the security update yet, but Samsung plans to make it available soon. It’s in the early stages of rollout, so it might take a bit of time to reach all models.

To install the update, start by opening the Samsung Wearable app on your paired smartphone. Look for your watch in the app and go to the Software Update section. If the update is ready, you can simply download and install it from there. Keep an eye out for the notification to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest improvements and features for your Galaxy Watch 4.

Galaxy Watch 4

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Huawei Watch GT 4 Upgrade: Not Everyone’s Excited




Huawei Watch GT 4

The Huawei Watch GT 4 has received a new software update that promises system improvements and enhanced stability. However, there’s a curious twist: the version number for this update is identical to the previous rollout. This has left some users wondering what, if anything, has actually changed.

The latest update for the Huawei Watch GT 4, while sporting the same version number (HarmonyOS as the previous one, focuses solely on system improvements and enhanced stability. This means no new features are included in this update.

Huawei Watch GT 4 Update: 44.42MB Download, Improved Stability, and Responsiveness.  Instead of new features and optimizations, the tech giant has improved the stability aspects of the wearable and made it more responsive for device owners.


Huawei Watch GT 4 Software Update Changelog

Version: HarmonyOS

Summary: This update focuses on improving system stability in certain situations.


  • Optimizations:
    • System stability improvements (specific situations not mentioned)

Important Notes:

  1. For optimal experience: Update the Huawei Health app to the latest version before updating your watch.
  2. Do not disconnect: Maintain a stable Bluetooth connection throughout the update process. If the update fails, retry.
  3. Patience is key: The update process may take some time. Please wait until the on-device progress bar reaches completion. The watch will automatically restart upon successful installation.
  4. Need help? If you encounter any issues after the update, contact Huawei customer support through the hotline or visit a service center.


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Samsung Health App receives the December 2023 update [Wear OS]




Samsung Health

Samsung regularly updates its applications for Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Recently, the Samsung Health Wear OS app, exclusive to Samsung smartwatches, received a new update.

The new update version number recently released, lot of new features are added in this new update also samsung fixes all previous bug and issues.

An update is ready for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches – make sure to install it soon. The new app version is, and it comes with cool features. The update size is 122.05 MB. Find the download link and check out the new features below.

Samsung Health [What’s New]


1. Revamped Home Screen:-

With the application of One UI 6, the Home screen undergoes a complete transformation. The redesign focuses on showcasing more information, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

2. Enhanced Visibility:-

Bold fonts and vibrant colors are introduced to the interface, making it easier to spot and comprehend the most important information. The visual overhaul aims to improve the overall clarity of displayed content.

3. Exercise Results Highlight:-

Your latest exercise results take center stage at the top of the screen. This prominent placement ensures quick access to key fitness data, keeping you informed about your recent physical activities.

4. Detailed Feedback:-

One UI 6 provides more comprehensive feedback on various aspects. This includes detailed insights into your sleep score and additional information about your daily goals, covering steps, activity, water intake, and food consumption.

5. Bug Fixes and Improvements:-

The update incorporates various bug fixes and performance improvements. These adjustments contribute to a smoother and more reliable user experience, addressing potential issues for enhanced functionality.

Samsung Health Download Link and App File Details:-

Samsung Health Download Link [apkmirror]
Samsung Health App Download From [Google Play Store]
Samsung Health Size  122.05 MB

Samsung Health Wear OS

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TicWatch Pro 3 finally gets Wear OS 3.5 upgrade




ticwatch pro 3

TicWatch Pro 3 finally gets its Wear OS 3.5 upgrade! After months of waiting, Mobvoi is rolling out the long-awaited update to their popular smartwatch. This means the Pro 3, which debuted in 2020 as a battery life champion, is now catching up with the latest software. So, if you’ve been holding off on updating, your patience has paid off – prepare for a smoother, faster, and more feature-packed Wear OS experience on your TicWatch Pro 3.

This keeps it concise while still highlighting the key points: the update’s arrival, the TicWatch Pro 3‘s legacy, and what users can expect. You can further tailor it by adding specific details about new features or performance improvements in Wear OS 3.5.

In 2021 and 2022, Mobvoi demonstrated its commitment to innovation in the smartwatch industry by consistently introducing new variants of the popular TicWatch Pro 3 series. Notably, the release of the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra in 2021 showcased Mobvoi’s dedication to enhancing its product lineup. Despite the various iterations, all these models continued to operate on Wear OS 2, emphasizing Mobvoi’s focus on refining their smartwatches while maintaining a familiar software platform.

Fast forward to today, and Mobvoi has taken a significant step forward by officially initiating the rollout of Wear OS 3 to the TicWatch Pro 3 series. This exciting development was confirmed by the company via its official Twitter/X account. The rollout is being conducted in a phased manner, with the update gradually becoming available to users over the coming weeks.

Wear OS 3.5

This strategic approach ensures a smooth and controlled transition to the latest Wear OS version, providing TicWatch Pro 3 users with an enhanced and updated smartwatch experience. Mobvoi’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology is clearly reflected in its efforts to bring the latest software advancements to its flagship smartwatch series.

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