Apple’s iOS 15 system adoption rate is nearly 60%, and the upgrade speed is slower than iOS 14

apple ios 15

According to MacRumors, and the third-party website Mixpanel, the adoption rate of the iOS 15 system in all iOS devices within 80 days after its release to the public in June 2021 is now close to 60%.

As of Thursday, third-party data analysis company Mixpanel said that about 58% of iOS devices are running iOS 15, and about 36% of devices running iOS 14. Mixpanel previously stated that the adoption rate of iOS 15 is slower than when iOS 14 was released last fall.

Apple did publish iOS adoption rate data, but it has not yet disclosed iOS 15. We informed that data from Apple’s last public report shows that as of June 3, 2021, 85% of devices are running iOS 14. All devices compatible with iOS 14 are still compatible after updating to iOS 15. However, customers using iOS 14 can still continue to receive critical security updates without having to update to the latest major iOS version.

Compared with iOS 14, iOS 15 is still a relatively mild update, focusing on providing users with more control over their notifications and updates to built-in iOS apps such as Safari. The launch of iOS 15 is not perfect. Users have reported several bugs, and most of these bugs have been fixed in subsequent iOS updates.


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