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Download HMS Core for Huawei Users Now [Download Link]



hma core update 2023

HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) serves as Huawei’s alternative to Google Mobile Services (GMS) for their devices. It offers a collection of essential applications and services that enhance the functionality of Huawei smartphones.

Included within HMS are diverse services like AppGallery (Huawei’s official app store), Huawei ID (user authentication), Huawei Cloud (cloud storage service), Huawei Themes (personalization options), Huawei Mobile Assistant (app management), Huawei Browser (web browsing), Huawei Wallet (digital payment solution), and more.

These services aim to provide Huawei users with a seamless experience, granting access to a wide array of apps, games, and utilities. Huawei continues to invest in expanding and improving HMS, ensuring a robust ecosystem for its users.

It’s important to note that HMS is exclusively designed for Huawei devices and may not be accessible on devices from other manufacturers.

The latest update for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core, version, is now being rolled out by Huawei developers. This update brings a host of improvements, fixing previous issues and ensuring a flawless user experience.

With HMS Core, Huawei aims to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience to its users. The update introduces enhanced performance, stability, and reliability, addressing any concerns from previous versions.

Stay ahead with this unbreakable version of HMS Core as Huawei continues to invest in optimizing their services for your satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy a seamless and improved Huawei Mobile Services experience!

Please note that HMS Core updates are exclusively available for Huawei devices, reaffirming their commitment to providing top-notch services to their valued users.

The HMS Core update is now available for download, with an app size of 43.79 MB. Simply click on the download link below to access this latest version and unlock its benefits.

HMS Core is available for Huawei users [Download Link]

Note: The update is exclusively for Huawei devices. Kindly ensure that you have sufficient storage space and a stable internet connection before proceeding with the download.

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Huawei Petal Maps is getting May-June 2024 update []




Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei has released a major update for their map app, Petal Maps. The new version,, follows a public testing period where users could try out new features and report any issues. The update likely includes improvements based on this feedback.

Companies like Huawei test many new features for their apps, but they can’t add everything at once. Instead, they release frequent updates, gradually providing new features.

This is also true for Huawei Petal Maps, which is now getting the update. This version has a software package size of 81.12 megabytes.

Despite the medium-sized 81.12 MB package, the update doesn’t list any major additions. However, installing it may improve the app’s efficiency and performance.

The update includes general improvements and bug fixes to enhance the user experience. It aims to resolve any glitches from the previous version.

For better app stability, install the latest update as soon as it appears in your notifications. You can also use the AppGallery or the third-party link below to install it directly.

Huawei Petal Maps version – LINK

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Huawei Petal Maps is getting March 2024 update []




huawei petal maps 2024

Huawei Petal Maps is introducing an exciting update, version GPS & Navigation (beta), with enhanced features, optimizations, and Route ETAs improved very well an overall improved user experience. The rollout is gradual, so it may take some time before reaching your Huawei device. Stay tuned for the latest enhancements!

What’s New in this update.

  • Route ETAs improved
    Get an accurate ETA for destinations across time zones.
  • All-new Contribution screen
    A clearer refreshed layout for the Contribution screen.
  • Quickly add notes to locations
    When saving a location, you can add a note to easily find it later.

Now, you can download Huawei Petal Maps on Huawei smartphones and smartwatches. This beta update brings thrilling features and optimizations, though some functions may still be in progress. No need to fret; a stable update with all the fancy features is on its way! Dive in early and enjoy the improvements.

Download Link:

Huawei Petal Maps Changelog:

New Features:-

  • Get an accurate ETA for destinations across time zones.
  • A clearer refreshed layout for the Contribution screen.
  • When saving a location, you can add a note to easily find it later.

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March 2024 Unveils Huawei EMUI Security Patch and Launches EMUI 14 Beta Testing




Huawei security patch

Huawei Delights Phone Users: March 2024 Security Patch Details Released, Alongside EMUI 14 Beta Testing

Huawei has rolled out the specifics of its March 2024 security patch, ensuring enhanced phone protection. But wait, there’s more! They’ve also initiated a beta testing program for the much-anticipated EMUI 14 software update. This means lucky owners of premium Huawei phones get the exclusive chance to explore new features and tools ahead of the official release. With EMUI 14 buzzing in anticipation, the beta program kickoff confirms the earlier rumors of a first-quarter 2024 release. Exciting times for Huawei users!

Huawei recently started a test program for their upcoming EMUI 14 update. Right now, it’s open to a select few high-end phone owners, but more will be able to join soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget to update your phone with the latest security patch for added protection.

emui 14

emui 14

EMUI security patch details [March]

Exciting news for Huawei phone users! The March 2024 security patch is here to make your phone safer and fix annoying bugs. This update tackles 29 vulnerabilities in your phone’s software, including 1 critical issue, 9 high-risk ones, and 13 medium-severity ones. It’s crucial to get this update to protect your device from potential harm by attackers.

Not only does the patch enhance security, but it also addresses bugs related to apps, permissions, and calling. This means a smoother and more reliable phone experience. Whether it’s fixing app loading issues, improving permissions, or resolving calling problems, the update has got it covered.

To keep your Huawei phone safe and running smoothly, don’t wait! Update your phone by heading to the settings menu and checking for software updates. Stay secure and enjoy a better phone performance with these improvements!

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