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[Update Dec 08] Huawei Health Tracker: Download Links



Huawei Health app

Huawei Health application is a popular Huawei app that tracks your daily activities and assists you in maintaining excellent health. It also assessed your sleeping habits, which you can see on the app or website. This allows you to assess the quality of your sleep and make changes if necessary.

Huawei’s Health app is compatible with Huawei’s smartphones, tablets, and wearables (smartwatches and fitness bands), allowing you to access information about your daily routine, health functions, daily steps, and other physical characteristics.

Huawei Health offers professional sports advice for your sport(Android 4.4.4 and higher are supported, but the RAM must be bigger than 2GB). Below you can check the features of the Huawei Health app.


  1. Support walking, running, cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, speed, and other sports data.
  2. Support from 5 km to the marathon running training program.
  3. With Huawei Wear APP data integration, to provide complete, unified sports and health services.

According to the information, the Huawei Health app received the latest build which is the current version rolled out by Huawei. Now you can check all versions of this app which you can install on your smartwatch, smartphone, and other Huawei devices.

Huawei Health

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  1. Huawei Health App APK [December 08, 2022]
  2. Huawei Health App APK [November 19, 2022]
  3. Huawei Health App APK [October 31, 2022]
  4. Huawei Health App APK [October 22, 2022]
  5. Huawei Health App APK [October 14, 2022]
  6. Huawei Health App APK [September 17, 2022]
  7. Huawei Health App APK [September 04, 2022]
  8. Huawei Health App APK [August 27, 2022]
  9. Huawei Health App APK [August 14, 2022]
  10. Huawei Health App APK [July 26, 2022]
  11. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [July 05, 2022]
  12. Huawei Health App APK [June 30, 2022]
  13. Huawei Health App APK [June 18, 2022]
  14. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [June 05, 2022]
  15. Huawei Health App APK [May 31, 2022]
  16. Huawei Health App APK [May 22, 2022]
  17. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [May 21, 2022]
  18. Huawei Health App APK [April 30, 2022]
  19. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [April 30, 2022]
  20. Huawei Health App APK [April 30, 2022]
  21. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [April 29, 2022]
  22. Huawei Health App APK [April 24, 2022]
  23. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [April 15, 2022]
  24. Huawei Health App APK [April 12, 2022]
  25. Huawei Health App APK [April 08, 2022]
  26. Huawei Health App APK [March 12, 2022]
  27. Huawei Health App APK [March 04, 2022]
  28. Huawei Health App APK [January 28, 2021]
  29. Huawei Health App APK [January 22, 2021]
  30. Huawei Health App APK [January 19, 2021]
  31. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [January 06, 2022]
  32. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [January 01, 2022]
  33. Huawei Health App APK [December 31, 2021]
  34. Huawei Health App APK [December 27, 2021]
  35. Huawei Health App APK [December 25, 2021]
  36. Huawei Health App APK [Stable] [December 22, 2021]
  37. Huawei Health App APK [Wear-Beta] [December 22, 2021]
  38. Huawei Health App APK [December 18, 2021]
  39. Huawei Health App APK [December 01, 2021]
  40. Huawei Health App APK [November 30, 2021]
  41. Huawei Health App APK 
  42. Huawei Health App APK
  43. Huawei Health App APK
  44. Huawei Health App APK
  45. Huawei Health App APK
  46. Huawei Health App APK
  47. Huawei Health App APK
  48. Huawei Health App APK
  49. Huawei Health App APK
  50. Huawei Health App APK
  51. Huawei Health App APK
  52. Huawei Health App APK
  53. Huawei Health App APK
  54. Huawei Health App APK
  55. Huawei Health App APK
  56. Huawei Health App APK
  57. Huawei Health App APK
  58. Huawei Health App APK.

You may also get the Huawei Health app from the Huawei AppGallery:

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HMS Core update is the new version for Huawei Mobile Services




HMS Core 6.13

Huawei developers are releasing a new update for their pre-installed app, the HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services), which is version This latest update focuses on fixing previous issues and enhancing the overall user experience to make it smoother and more reliable. With this update, users can expect a more seamless and uninterrupted experience while using the app, as the developers have worked hard to address any flaws and improve its performance. The goal of this update is to ensure that users have a stable and enjoyable experience with the HMS Core on their Huawei devices.

It is advised that all Huawei users immediately install the most recent version of the HMS Core, which has an installation size of 48.06 MB. Apart from the bug fixes, the update also improves your experience and delivers more easy access. Check out the download link and other helpful information down below.


Application name:-

  • HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services)

Update Version:-

Update Size:-

  • 48.06MB.


HMS Core 6.11

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Huawei Petal Maps is getting May-June 2024 update []




Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei has released a major update for their map app, Petal Maps. The new version,, follows a public testing period where users could try out new features and report any issues. The update likely includes improvements based on this feedback.

Companies like Huawei test many new features for their apps, but they can’t add everything at once. Instead, they release frequent updates, gradually providing new features.

This is also true for Huawei Petal Maps, which is now getting the update. This version has a software package size of 81.12 megabytes.

Despite the medium-sized 81.12 MB package, the update doesn’t list any major additions. However, installing it may improve the app’s efficiency and performance.

The update includes general improvements and bug fixes to enhance the user experience. It aims to resolve any glitches from the previous version.

For better app stability, install the latest update as soon as it appears in your notifications. You can also use the AppGallery or the third-party link below to install it directly.

Huawei Petal Maps version – LINK

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Download updated version of Google Play Store Apk 39.9.31 [Download Link]




google play store 39.9.31

In 2024, the Google Play Store continues to be the world’s top app store, offering a whopping 3.48 million apps. In 2023, users downloaded an incredible 47 billion apps, and this growth is expected to persist in 2024 and beyond.

Google recently released an update for the Google Play Store app, bringing it to version 39.9.31. This update includes improvements to enhance the app’s functionality and features, providing users with a smoother and more enjoyable experience. To ensure optimal performance and take full advantage of your Android device, make sure to download the latest version of the Google Play Store from the official source.

Google Play Store 39.9.31 : [29/02/2024]

Latest Google Play Store Apk 39.9.31 : [29/02/2024] [Download Link]
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: Google Play Store 39.9.31 also includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Previous Download Links:-

 Google Play Store Apk 37.4.24[Download Link]
 Google Play Store Apk 37.3.29] [Download Link]
 Google Play Store Apk 36.5.21 [Download Link]
Google Play Store Apk  36.5.20 [Download Link]


Google Play Store download link is available for Android users through the below link which will redirect you to the most trusted website for Google Play Store download apkmirror. From here when you click you will find yourself on the website of apkmirror and by clicking the download button below you will get the apk file.

Once you have downloaded the file, to install the app, you have to give permission to your device to install the apk file.

Remember, if you’ve allowed downloads from unknown sources, reinstall your security settings.

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