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Here you can check the complete official design of the Google Pixel Watch



Google Pixel Watch

Google is getting ready to release its new smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch, to the market. The smartwatch is equipped with the Wear OS 3 operating system and offers numerous features to users. The Pixel Watch’s design, key features, price, and other details have leaked online in recent weeks.

This time, however, Google has officially released the first look at the Pixel Watch via the official trailer. We saw the full design of this smartwatch in this video; now you can check the trailer and read the full features.

Google Pixel Watch is shown in an official video:

As predicted at the outset, the Google Pixel Watch is the star of an official video shared by Google on YouTube via its Made by Google channel. This new smartwatch video comes about 48 hours after another official video that showed the first impressions of some lucky people who got to see and touch the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

The video only lasts 51 seconds and of these, only the first 30 seconds actually shoot the smartwatch, which is shown on the wrist of some people to give an idea of ​​the size and appearance it will have on the wrist. and then leave room for other images (render).

From the video emerge what in the end should be all the colors of the Google Pixel Watch: the case (which should be in steel for all versions) is shown in silver, matte black, and rose gold colors, while the straps are shown in Hazel colors. Lemongrass (very similar to the cedar green of the Google Pixel 7), Chalk (white/beige), Charcoal (gray), and Obsidian (the black of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro ).

Among other things, then, the thickness of the Google Pixel Watch is shown and focus is made on the screen (which seems to be surrounded by a rather important frame), on the case, equipped on the right side with a fairly protruding crown, and on the lower part. where the various sensors are located: we can understand, for example, that the lower part is protected by Gorilla Glass.

Furthermore, the video depicts seven different quadrants (or watch faces) of the Google Pixel Watch, which we show you at the end of the list via still images:

  1. Analog dial with geometric shapes used as time indicators (and Google’s Big G placed in the place of 6).
  2. Simple analog dial (without numbers or time stamps) that Google has been using for several months in renderings, equipped with a thick pill-shaped hour hand and a slot for a complication at 6 o’clock.
  3. Very simple digital dial that shows the time on two lines and takes up almost the entire display, characterized by the choice of a somewhat subtle font.
  4. Dial with a shrunken analog clock (on the left) and three circular complication slots (on the right).
  5. Dial with a digital clock that contains a small slot (above the time) and three regular-sized circular slots (below the time) for complications.  This is the watch face used by Sundar Pichai who had Google Pixel Watch on his wrist during an event.
  6. Traditional analog dial with hour markers for 1/2/4/5/7/8/10/11, pills to replace 3/6/9, and a triangle to replace 12 o’clock.
  7. Full-screen digital dial with a fixed hour in the center, minutes ring around it, and rotating seconds ring.

Take a Look here:

Google Pixel Watch launch date and price information:

Google Pixel Watch, like the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, will be officially presented on October 6th but could be sold later, presumably from November 4th. In terms of pricing, the basic version, which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, is expected to start at $349.

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Download New Google Play Store version 41.3.25 [Download Link]




google play

In 2024, the Google Play Store continues to be the world’s top app store, offering a whopping 3.48 million apps. In 2023, users downloaded an incredible 47 billion apps, and this growth is expected to persist in 2024 and beyond.

Google has recently released an update for the Google Play Store app, bringing it to version 41.3.25. This update introduces several improvements designed to enhance the app’s functionality and user experience. By upgrading to the latest version, users can enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable interaction with the Play Store. To ensure your Android device operates at its best and to take full advantage of the new features, make sure to download the latest version of the Google Play Store from the official source.

Google Play Store 41.3.25 : [09/06/2024] [download link]

Previous Download Links:-

 Google Play Store Apk 37.4.24[Download Link]
 Google Play Store Apk 37.3.29] [Download Link]
 Google Play Store Apk 36.5.21 [Download Link]
Google Play Store Apk  36.5.20 [Download Link]


Google Play Store download link is available for Android users through the below link which will redirect you to the most trusted website for Google Play Store download apkmirror. From here when you click you will find yourself on the website of apkmirror and by clicking the download button below you will get the apk file.

Once you have downloaded the file, to install the app, you have to give permission to your device to install the apk file.

Remember, if you’ve allowed downloads from unknown sources, reinstall your security settings.

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Last Update:-

Latest Google Play Store Apk 39.9.31 : [29/02/2024] [Download Link]

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Google Play Update: Remote App Removal GPStore now allows you to remotely uninstall apps




google play

You can now install and uninstall apps on your Android devices remotely using the Google Play Store. For instance, you can log in from your laptop to install apps on your Samsung smartphone. Moreover, the Play Store now lets you uninstall apps from one Android device using another. So, you can easily remove an app from your tablet, smartwatch, or TV directly through the Play Store on your smartphone.

Google has introduced a new feature in the latest Google System Updates, as mentioned in the changelog via 9to5Google. This functionality is now available on Auto, PC, Phone, TV, and Wear platforms. With the latest version of the Play Store (v38.8), you can remotely uninstall apps from any of these devices. The update is being rolled out gradually by Google.

if you can download latest Google Play store V38.8: Click Here

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

To use the new feature, follow these steps explained by TheSpAndroid:

1. Go to Manage apps & devices > Manage.
2. Click on “✓ This device.”
3. Choose the device from which you want to uninstall apps.
4. The Play Store will display the apps installed on that device.
5. Select the apps you want to uninstall, click the delete icon, and choose Uninstall to remove them from the selected device.

via:- 9to5google

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Google Pixel 8 Pro Users Report Screen Edge Dots




Google pixel 8 pro

Some Pixel 8 Pro owners have reported that round bumps have appeared on their screens. Bumps are visible at several places on the screen and it feels as if something is pressing on the bottom of the 6.7-inch OLED screen.

Users reported that this kind of screen protrusion does not affect the use, touch function and image quality, and these protrusions can only be seen in a well-lit environment by constantly adjusting the angle. However, users are worried that these bumps will get worse.

dots appear on the edges of the screen

dots appear on the edges of the screen dots appear on the edges of the screen

We checked the photos of the problem shared by the Reddit community and X platform users. The bumps are mainly concentrated in the top edge area of ​​the screen. At least dozens of users have reported that the above problem exists, and some have contacted Google to request replacement.

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