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Android 13

Samsung innovates the lock screen with One UI 5 beta 3



One UI 5.0 beta 3

We recently reported on the release of beta 3 of the One UI 5.0 in Europe for the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 +, and Galaxy S22 Ultra, the South Korean manufacturer’s latest canonical flagship smartphones.

In addition to the already reported “Stories” features of the Gallery and the renewed wallpaper selection screen, the new beta of the Samsung custom interface brings with it a revolutionized lock screen, which many more geek users will already know and which, after all, it stands as an immediate response to the renewed lock screen that Apple has introduced with iOS 16 (it is not in the least intended that Samsung have copied Apple since it has done nothing else, as we will see, if not to exploit something that already had available).

One UI 5: With beta 3, the lock screen is all new:

As anticipated at the beginning, with beta 3 of One UI 5.0, the next version of its customized interface based on the latest Android 13, Samsung has introduced a “new” lock screen on its Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 +, and Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones, protagonists main of the development program.

To be fair, the South Korean manufacturer did not introduce a completely new thing out of the blue but limited itself to adding the features of Good Lock to the default lock screen of the One UI to allow users to customize it more in-depth. having to deal with a single screen that combines all the options for customization.

The possibilities of customizing the lock screen:

Let’s find out what the lock screen customization possibilities are, which will appear when you perform the process to customize the lock screen background but which can now also be recalled by making a long press on the same lock screen.

The One UI 5.0 will give you the possibility to choose between five different styles of clocks but will also allow you to change the font separately, choosing from six different types of fonts; you can also change the size of the clock and the colors used.

Samsung has added new images but also gradient backgrounds, allowing you to add filters to the background to best match the elements.

Like what is possible with the One UI 4. x, even with the next version of the Samsung custom interface, it will be possible to choose which shortcuts to place at the bottom of the screen.

The widgets to scroll on the lock screen remain the only thing that still has to be chosen separately from the rest.

The entire customization process is reviewed:

It is not only the lock screen to be renewed and made more customizable but it is the entire customization process to be revised: the options for the lock screen, in fact, are now also displayed when you change the background of the lock screen from the Gallery.

The whole customization process, therefore, includes the Color Palette, wallpapers, and lock screen customization. Speaking of the Color Palette, with beta 3 of One UI 5.0 the park of icons that can be changed to the theme from the Color Palette (which is Samsung’s vision of dynamic colors, a fundamental feature of Material You) has been significantly expanded.

These now include most of Google’s apps but also many commonly used applications such as WhatsApp, Reddit, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and many others.

Samsung has turned the tables with its beta program:

In addition to changing (for the better for the user) its policies for software updates, and offering unmatched support in the Android landscape (in terms of duration), over time Samsung has changed the way in which it ran its beta program for new Android versions.

At one time, these worked according to a predictable schedule: all the innovations were introduced suddenly with beta 1; the price to pay was malfunctioned, including many bugs and frequent crashes. Going forward with the various preview versions, then, the South Korean manufacturer found the square up to release a stable version (almost totally) free from bugs or malfunctions.

Today, however, the Samsung beta program works differently and the One UI 5.0 is living proof: with beta 1, the South Korean manufacturer has made only a few small changes, gradually adding new features with the new betas, up to get to the current beta 3 which, as mentioned, has revolutionized the lock screen.

When and on which smartphones will Samsung’s new One UI 5.0 arrive?

If you own a Samsung smartphone and are attracted by the possibility of trying the potential of the new customizable lock screen that will be introduced by default on One UI 5.0, you will be wondering if you will ever receive the update in question on your smartphone.

It seems obvious that the first smartphones of the Galaxy series to update will be the top range of the Galaxy S22 series, closely followed by the folding Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, by the various top ranges of the previous generations, and by the most recent mid-range of the Galaxy series A (like Galaxy A53 ).

In any case, the new One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 should sooner or later reach a considerable number of devices: to find out if yours is included in the list, we invite you to consult our dedicated in-depth study.

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Aditya primarily uses Huawei and Samsung electronic equipment. Aditya likes wearing smartwatches as well, and at the moment he has a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Huawei Watch GT 2. As a tech geek, he constantly researches and meticulously evaluates new technology.

Android 13

Samsung started pushing the official version of Android 13 / One UI 5.0 to these Galaxy devices [List Dec. 6 2022]




Samsung OneUI 5.0

Samsung is pushing out the Android 13 / One UI 5.0 official version system update for its eligible devices. Recently, Samsung has released the update for Galaxy A22 in Europe and Galaxy A23 LTE / 5G in Germany and Russia, Galaxy M22 in Europe, and Galaxy S20 FE (LTE) in Serbia.

The Galaxy A42 5G in South Korea, the Galaxy S20 FE 5G and Galaxy A32 LTE in Europe, the Galaxy A51 LTE in Europe, and the Galaxy A13 5G in Europe received a stable update.

These Samsung Galaxy Devices getting Android 13 Based OneUI 5.0 stable and beta updates.

  • Galaxy A22 in Europe(beta)
  • Galaxy A23 LTE in Germany(beta)
  • Galaxy A23 LTE in Germany (beta)
  • Galaxy A23 LTE 5G in Russia (beta)
  • Galaxy A23 LTE  in Russia (beta)
  • Galaxy M22 In Europe (beta)
  • Galaxy s20 FE in Europe (beta)
  • Galaxy A42 5G in South Korea (stable)
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G Europe (stable)
  • Galaxy A32  LTE in Europe (Stable)
  • Galaxy A13 5G in Europe (Stable)

The Samsung Android 13 (One UI 5.0) update brings an innovative UI design with expanded palette functionality, stacked widgets, larger app icons in the notification area, adjusted quick settings switches, and a translucent effect of the notification area. Animations and transitions now look smoother.

The new software also brings per-app language settings for supported apps, improvements to built-in apps, and more accessibility settings. Samsung has added OCR (optical character recognition) functionality throughout the system. Thus, the Camera and Gallery apps can extract text from images. Even the Samsung keyboard can open the camera view to capture text from the live camera feed.

Samsung has renamed Bixby Routines to Modes and Routines. This is a simplified version of Bixby Routines, with a few routine presets for most people. Both Bixby and Modes and Routines are getting new features and options. There are now more detailed options for how each app displays notifications.

Now with more emojis, animated emojis, and AR emojis. There’s also a simplified privacy and security section, a new connected devices menu, and new multitasking gestures. Improved search performance in built-in apps and One UI. The camera app gets a slightly simplified design.

Samsung DeX UI has been improved. There are tons of new features coming to Samsung Gallery, Samsung Internet, Samsung My Files, and other built-in apps. Memory expansion can now be customized or turned off. The built-in image and video editors have also been improved. A detailed Wi-Fi diagnostic menu is also supported.

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Android 13

Pixel 7 series first pure 64-bit Android phone: Google




google pixel 7

Recently Google has officially confirmed that the Pixel 7 series can only run 64-bit applications. A few days ago, blogger @MishaalRahman also told via Twitter that Google Pixel 7 series is supporting only 64-bit apps.

@MishaalRahman also pointed out that Android 13 on Pixel 7 phones doesn’t allow 32-bit apps to run, internally, the OS is still using some 32-bit libraries, which means that Google will intentionally run 32 -bit is preventing apps from running.

64 bit application

Google has shared some information about its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones in a blog post on the developer’s official website. Which clarified that the Pixel 7 series is the first pure 64-bit Android smartphone

Why did Google use 64 bit and what are its benefits

Google developers believe that 64-bit applications run faster than 32-bit applications because they can use additional registers and instructions that 32-bit applications cannot. Additionally, newer CPUs offer up to 25% performance gains when running 64-bit code, and some processors even drop support for 32-bit code entirely.

Plus, it can help improve security. The larger address space makes security such as ASLR more effective, and additional bits can be used to protect the integrity of the control flow. These countermeasures reduce the chance of an intruder taking control of the equipment.

Google’s developer experts say that removing support for 32-bit code can save up to 150MB of RAM, which the operating system uses even when 32-bit applications are not running. Due to this, the user gets more RAM space. Also, Google developers can use better tools like HWASan to detect device memory errors and improve application quality.

However, Google has clarified that pure 32-bit devices are still important for Android Go, Android TV, and Android Wear, and Google Play will continue to provide 32-bit applications for pure 32-bit devices.

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Lock Screen Customization: Samsung One UI 3.0 beta vs Apple iOS 16




Lock Screen Customization

Apple released the iPhone 14 series earlier this month, which includes the iOS 16 operating system. In addition, Samsung has made the One UI 5.0 operating system compatible with Android 13 available to eligible devices. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are now available with new lock screen customization and the Dynamic Island feature. On the other hand, One UI 5.0 beta 3 includes lock screen customization for Galaxy S22 series users.

Meanwhile, the Smart Island feature has been made available to Android users via third-party applications such as dynamicSpot, and it is fully functional on Android devices. The lock screen customization, on the other hand, has arrived for Galaxy S22 users with the One UI 5.0 beta update and is very similar to the iOS 16 lock screen customization.

According to Twitter tipster TechDroider, the custom Samsung lock screen process in the One UI 5 Beta 3 system is similar to Apple’s iOS 16. Samsung currently offers five different clock styles, whereas Apple offers eight. The user can also change the color of the clock in both operating systems.

Take a Look:

We discovered that when it comes to adding new wallpapers, both operating systems offer background collections that are highlighted in a similar manner. While Apple provides both built-in and third-party widgets, Samsung currently only provides widget icons for notifications.

Following the release of the iPhone 14/Pro series, Samsung mocked Apple for being out of touch with the concept of folding screens, large-pixel cameras, and so on.

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