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WhatsApp Beta brings some crucial backup-related news




WhatsApp has started rolling out a new beta update to the Android version of the app through the Google Play Beta Program. The most intriguing aspect of this update is that it concerns Google Drive backups: in a future edition of the application, the ability to export the backups created will be included.

WhatsApp’s beta and stable upgrades have added a slew of new features in recent weeks. You can see the full list of features below, and then we’ll get back to the WhatsApp beta version.

  • New end-to-end encryption indicators arriving.
  • Passing through the future possibility of use on more than one smartphone and tools for group administrators.
  • To the work of improving ephemeral messages.
  • Larger groups of up to 512 people.
  • The list of former participants.
  • WhatsApp Premium subscription plan.
  • Editing text messages.
  • Sending files.
  • The double verification code to combat account theft.
  • The return to the old home screen, and status updates.

WhatsApp Beta: the latest update is version 2.22. 13.11

There was mention of some prospective modifications (i.e. limitations) related to WhatsApp’s backups on Google Drive at the beginning of the year, at the end of January. There were suggestions that Google would be willing to provide limited storage options in the future. After those first, less-than-exciting rumors, the speech remained pending, with no further information emerging; as a result, it is impossible to determine if the program has changed in the interim.

At least, it wasn’t possible until only a few hours ago, when WhatsApp Beta was released, revealing evidence of ongoing development on an export function for Google Drive backups.

As seen in the screenshot below, a new feature called ” Export backup ” will be added to the bottom of the settings page dedicated to chat backup in a future app version (accessible via the path ” Settings> Chat> Chat backup “).

Users will be able to utilize this option to export their Google Drive backups, and the export will contain all chats as well as any multimedia items, such as photos, videos, and other files, as indicated in the language below.

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WhatsApp Beta

Although it is not apparent in the screenshot, the source also mentions a second new WhatsApp feature that will be available in addition to the one just described: users will be able to import the same backups back to Google Drive. Users will have more control over their Drive backups this way.

At this time, it is unclear why the WhatsApp team opted to implement the aforementioned alternatives, but there is a strong possibility that they are linked to the above-mentioned adjustments. Because the functions in question are still in development, they are not yet available to the general public. The development team is working to include these in a future app version, with priority given to beta testers as always, so this is just a sneak peek.


If you want to try the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for smartphones based on the Google mobile operating system, you have the possibility to do it through the Google Play Store, by subscribing to the beta testing channel (you can find the page dedicated to this program by following this link).

Those who have not managed to sign up for the beta program but would like to try this version of the messaging app in a preview can do so by manually installing the relative APK file, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror (find the dedicated page by following this link).



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Huawei Petal Maps brings massive changes to users




Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei is rolling out a new update for the Huawei Petal Maps that comes with a number of new features, optimization and a better version for users. Huawei Petal Maps is now available for Huawei devices, but right now it is rolling out in the beta phase, so it will take a few times to come in every device.

Aside from the beta version, the Huawei Petal Maps is available for download and the Huawei smartphone and smartwatch users should install this new build on their devices. Although this version comes with lot’s of new changes, but being the beta version all of the features may be not available for users while the company will soon release a stable update.

All these features have been revealed by Twitter user Fabrizio Degni tagging HC Newsroom, under which it has been told that now we can take advantage of all these features through the Petal Maps Below you can check the download link as well as the full changelog.

Download Link:

Huawei Petal Maps Changelog:

New Features:

Contribution Page Update:

  • The overall layout of the contribution page is revised.
  • The entrances for uploading image records and commenting records are deleted from the My Feedback Record page.
  • If the number of places to be commented is greater than 1, More is displayed. If the number of places to be commented is less than or equal to 1, More is not displayed.
  • The light feedback changes to feed flow form instead of displaying a maximum of 3 feedbacks.

POI Add Remarks Update:

  • In v3.6 and before, the remarks cannot be added directly to the default favorites, places want to go, new list. But from v3.7, all category folders can be added remarks directly when saving the place.
  • Entrance: POI details page.

Comment Like Message Notification:

  • Notification is added for comment likes. Each comment is sent once a day at 12:00 a.m. (If there is no like that day, the notification is not sent.)
  • Entrance: push notification (The notification function is enabled by default. You can disable it manually. To disable it, go to My > Privacy > Notification.)

New taxi entrance on the home page:

  • The function of taking a taxi is added to the common entrance, the entrance links users to the route planning page, and the tab is located to the taxi. You can enter the endpoint or click the common address to directly take a taxi.
  • Entrance: Homepage-Common Entrance.


ETA panel arrival time optimization

  • Cross-time zone route end arrival time converted to local time.
  • Entrance: When navigating

Route update on the route planning result page is optimized

  • Scenarios on the planning result page (navigation settings, future timing estimates, route preferences, etc.) When the result page is displayed, the system determines whether to refresh the route. In this way, unnecessary refresh operations are reduced and the route display is stable.
  • Entrance: When navigating

Optimize the style of the worm line:

  • Adjust the thickness and stroke of the line on the planning result page.
    The width of the worm line is changed to 8 and the stroke of the worm line is changed to 10, and the overall adjustment is made.
    The interaction (exit/enter) between the planning result page and the navigation page can change dynamically.
  • Entrance: When navigating

Alternative route bubble optimization

  • For alternative routes whose duration exceeds max (2 min, 5%), distance exceeds max (500 m, 5%), or time distance is poor, only the route is displayed in the navigation tree. The time and distance are compared with the current main route. If the above conditions are met, bubble hiding is performed.
  •  Marked: Max(2min, 5%): indicates the comparison between the current route and the alternative route. Showing the maximum value between the current route and the alternative route is 2 minutes or the difference is greater than 5%. Max(500m, 5%): indicates that the current route is compared with the alternative route. Showing the maximum value of 500 m or 5% difference is used.
  • Entrance: When navigating

Default Vehicle Icon Style Change

  • The default logo style is changed to 3D.
  • Entrance: When navigating

Shared travel

  1. Route planning page: After planning the route, select a bicycle and plan the walking route from the user’s current location to the shared bicycle. Click Open APP to directly jump to the third-party app to scan the code and ride.
  2. You can also search for shared bikes nearby by searching for shared travel. When approaching the sweep point, you can directly click the Open App to scan the code and ride. Or click on the direction to walk to the pick-up point and scan the code to ride.
  3. Entrance: 1. Route Planning Page – Cycling Tab 2. Searching bar.

Petal Maps logo update:

  • Replacing the logo style of the base image
  • Entrance: Homepage.

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Huawei HMS Core Update is live for users




HMS Core 6.11

The Huawei developers have started rolling out the update to its pre-installed application – the HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services). The users of Huawei are now able to install this latest version on their devices to use the latest features and more.

According to the information, the new update of HMS Core 6.11 resolves the previous flaws and delivers an unbreakable experience. It is advised that all Huawei users immediately install the most recent version of the HMS Core, which has an installation size of 44.12MB.

Apart from the bug fixes, the update also improves your experience and delivers more easy access. Below you can check the download link as well as the other information.



  • Fixes some known issue bugs.

HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services)

HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) is a set of Huawei’s terminal cloud services’ open features, allowing you to quickly construct high-quality apps. Basic services such as HUAWEI ID, in-app payment, game services, location services, and more are also available.

Keep in mind that Huawei, the Chinese electronics giant, first released this program under a different name and symbol, but it has now been renamed “HMS Core.” The company has also changed the logo, but the services remain the same.

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Download Link: Google Play Store has been updated to the latest version 34.6.11




Google Play Store (4)

Everyone is familiar with the Google Play Store and its features. The Google Play Store is the most popular software that comes pre-installed on Android devices. You may download and update any software on your smartphone through the Google Play Store.

On a regular basis, Google developers deliver firmware updates to its Google Play Store and upgrade it with a new version number. The Google Play Store has now gotten version 34.6.11 of the new update.

Because the Google Play Store gave its services to billions of customers, this application received this upgrade with certain corrections and enhancements, and the firm has maintained it throughout the update. You can now find the download URL as well as links to the previous ten versions below.

How to Update Via Google Play Store:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap Menu My apps & games.
  3. Apps with an update available are labeled “Update.” You can also search for a specific app.
  4. Tap Update.

If you have not finished the update process using the link or manually, you can use the troubleshooting steps to update it.

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