Nokia X20 gets first Android 13 developer preview

nokia x20 5g

Earlier this week, Google launched Android 13 during its I/O developer conference and released the Android 13 Beta2 beta version for Pixels.

Meanwhile, several other Android device makers have announced their own Android 13 beta or developer preview.

HMD Global has now announced that you can now test it with the Nokia X20 running Android 13. It’s worth noting that HMD is calling this a developer preview, not a beta, so the new version may leave a lot to be desired.

nokia x20

If you want to try it as well, you can now go through the “My Device” app on the Nokia X20, find the support interface on the bottom banner, and then find the Android 13 Developer Preview, and you can go directly to the application. You can pass the registered IMEI check for Android 13 DP. The new version will be forwarded to OTA within 12 hours after user registration.

Of course, after the application is successful, you can also manually check for updates yourself, and you will receive the update within about 20 minutes. Specifically, you can go to “Settings > About phone > System update” to check.

We are aware that the Android 13 DP version comes with a pre-installed Customer Feedback app, through which you can report any issues you encounter. If you need to roll back to Android 12, you can also make a request through My Devices.


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