Huawei’s patent for shooting the moon is authorized


Huawei’s patent for shooting the moon is authorized: it can automatically recognize the moon and focus, improving the user’s shooting experience:-

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. obtained the patent authorization of “a method and electronic device for photographing the moon”, and the authorization announcement number is CN109951633B.

The DNS learned that the application provides a method and electronic device for shooting the moon. The method automatically recognizes the moon in the preview interface and enters the moon shooting mode after recognizing the moon, so as to automatically focus on the moon and make the preview interface A well-defined image of the moon is displayed.

In addition, according to the user’s shooting operation, the method collects multiple frames of moon images with clear outlines under different exposure parameters and performs different processing on the collected multiple frames of images to obtain clear and bright backgrounds including clear outlines, crystal clear and beautiful. photo of the moon.

The patent abstract of Qichacha shows that this method can shoot a clear, crystal-clear, and beautiful moon in ordinary shooting mode or during the shooting process of non-professional users, improving the shooting experience of users.

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