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Instagram introduces Playback, a feature that allows users to relive their five favorite stories from the year 2021



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In response to the current trends, Instagram is planning to launch a feature that will provide a year-end review. You’ll be able to rewatch your Instagram tales from 2021 with “Playback.”

Instagram has launched Playback, allowing users to relive their favorite memories from 2021.

Instagram will publish a curated selection of ten stories for each user with the Playback feature, which anybody may update by adding or removing tales from the playlist via the story archive that will show within the collection.

In order to read and share the annual summary, users will see a notification in their Instagram feed inviting them to make a Playback by picking a 2021 story they wish to contribute by pressing on the “2021” sticker.

Instagram story feature

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TelegramUsers who wish to relaunch their favorite stories will certainly find this feature beneficial; nonetheless, the grid with the top nine shots is absent. The picture network includes built-in features that allow users to construct photo grids, but it hasn’t provided a year-to-date overview.

Even while Facebook, which is owned by Meta, the same company that owns Instagram, offers annual overview videos that users can see whether they want to or not, most apps and platforms have not been able to match the popularity of end functionality. Spotify has completed its first year, allowing users to see and share their favorite music, artists, and categories.

The Playback feature is now only available to a select group of customers, but it will be made available to all users in the following weeks.



Instagram released the ability to add notes for Insta followers





The Instagram team is continuing to test new features in order to maintain interest in the increasingly troubled platform as a result of TikTok. In June, Meta’s social network began testing a new feature that allows you to add a text note for your followers. It appears that the feature is now being made available to a larger group of users.

The ability to add notes for your Instagram followers is rolling out:

According to screenshots obtained by XDA, the feature appears as a new section beneath the search bar on the chat page, with a button that allows you to add a new note, followed by those of the users followed.

Tapping the appropriate button takes you to a new page where you can add a new note for your followers with a maximum length of 60 characters.

According to the feature description, your followers will not be notified when you add a note, but they will be able to view it for 24 hours and respond with a message. The section dedicated to functionality also allows you to share your notes with your followers and close friends.

When a user shares a new note, their followers can respond by tapping it on the main page of the chat, which opens a text entry box with the note, and a profile photo, also showing how long time the user shared the note.

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