Google will launch the smart watch Pixel Watch in 2022

google pixel watch

According to the news, Google is developing a new smartwatch (Google Pixel Watch/Google Android Watch), which is planned to be launched next year, once again making efforts in the wearable device market. The watch name is not confirmed but we assumed it has a Google pixel watch or Google android watch and the final name is still unclear.

The Google Watch code-named “Rohan” device will be equipped with the latest version of Google’s smartwatch software, according to an internal document.

As we all know, Google currently mainly develops software for smartwatches from partners like Samsung, which we know as wearOS but Google has not yet developed its own hardware devices. Google will put the smartwatch company in a one-on-one collision with Apple. The facts have proved that Apple Watch has achieved great success and has taken the leading position in the smartwatch market.

google pixel watch

As we can see in the rendering, Google Smart Watch adopts a design, unlike Apple Watch which is round in form and adopts a borderless design. Like Apple products, this watch can also track health and fitness indicators.

The “Rohan” project has picked up pace since the beginning of this year. According to reports, Google has roped in employees from outside the smartwatch team to provide feedback on internal testing of this product. The most recent feedback collection was conducted in November.

In January this year, Google acquired the American health and iron products company Fitbit for US$2.1 billion. Fitbit has said that the company plans to develop devices equipped with Google’s operating system. However, Google does not currently intend to use the Fitbit brand on Rohan watches.

Not much information has been revealed about this watch yet, but it can be said that it will be a step above the Apple Watch 7. According to roomers, this is going to give a lot of competition to the Apple Watch series. Google Watches will be equipped with a heart rate monitor and provide basic health tracking functions,


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