Samsung Display is preparing to expand its South Korean factory’s OLED panel production capacity


According to foreign media reports, Samsung Display, which has clear advantages in the field of small and medium-sized OLED panels required for smartphones, is preparing to expand its OLED panel production capacity in South Korea.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung is planning to expand OLED panel production capacity to produce QD-OLED panels for Display TVs and OLED panels for other IT products.

Foreign media reports also show that Samsung Display has improved the production capacity of OLED panels by turning some LCD panel factories into OLED panel factories.

Samsung Display has decided to withdraw from the TV LCD panel market and has gradually given up production. Foreign media also mentioned in the report that they have replaced the LCD TV panel production line equipment of the L7-2 factory with 6th generation OLED panel production equipment to produce small and medium-sized OLED panels. Part of the equipment of the L8-1 factory’s large-sized LCD panel production line has also been removed, and the free space is used to set up a QD-OLED TV panel production line.

In the report, foreign media mentioned that the L8-1 factory’s QD-OLED TV panel production line has a monthly capacity of 30,000 glass substrates, which means it can produce 1 million 55-inch and 65-inch QD-OLED TVs. Can do. panel every year. ,

Since the L8-1 factory is still in place after setting up the QD-OLED TV panel production line, foreign media hope that Samsung Display can continue to use it to expand the production capacity of the QD-OLED TV panel, Or an 8.5-generation OLED could be installed. panel production line.


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