Windows App SDK 1.0 Stable Version Released, Support WinUI 3

Windows App SDK 1.0

Microsoft today released the 1.0 stable version of its Windows App Development Kit (SDK). Kevin Gallo, vice president of Windows Developer Platform, said on Twitter, “The Win Apps SDK is focused on empowering developers to build the most productive applications on Windows.

Microsoft planned to use UWP as a universal solution for developers to build applications that would run on mobile, desktop, and consoles, but few responded. Last year, Microsoft unveiled a project called Project Reunion, an attempt to integrate key technologies from Win32 desktop applications and UWP applications, using WinUI 3 as the UI framework. Project Reunion is now the Windows App SDK.

Microsoft said that UWP will not add new features in the future, but will only introduce bugs, security, and reliability improvements. Existing UWP application developers can continue to use UWP if they are satisfied with the status quo, but they need to migrate to the Windows App SDK if they want to take advantage of the new features or be fully compatible with the new system. Is.

According to Microsoft’s official website, the Windows App SDK is a new set of developer components and tools, which represent the next step in the evolution of the Windows application development platform.

The Windows Application SDK provides an integrated set of APIs and tools that can be used in a consistent manner by any desktop application from Windows 11 to Windows 10 version 1809. The Windows App SDK will not replace the Windows SDK or existing desktop Windows application types. C++, such as .NET (including Windows Forms and WPF) and desktop Win32. In contrast, the Windows App SDK uses a set of common APIs to complement these existing tools and application types, and developers can rely on these APIs to perform operations on their platform.

The stable version of Windows Apps SDK 1.0 supports Win UI 3 for Win UI 3 applications. In future versions, Microsoft will support WPF, WinForms, and other applications with WinUI3 via XAML islands as well. Version 1.0 supports text rendering, resource management, application lifecycle, and windowing of packaged and unpacked applications. According to the roadmap, push notification support will be introduced in a future version of the Windows App SDK.


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