Mi 8 gets the MIUI 12.5.2 stable version update, optimizes the “GPS week” rollover setting

miui 12

According to netizen @SCP Observer’s contribution, Xiaomi Mi 8 has recently received a small patch package update, the version number is MIUI and the update size is 102MB.

According to the content of the update, there is only one update this time: Optimize and update the “GPS Week” rollover setting of the underlying software.

Deep News understands that “GPS week” refers to a set of time settings of the GPS system. The starting point corresponds to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) at 0:00 on January 6, 1980. The time within seconds (TOW) is used to determine the time difference between the current moment and the initial GPS moment, so as to complete the time service.

However, the week count (WN) was only 10 bits at the beginning of the GPS design, which caused WN to only cycle between 0 and 1023. When WN changes from 1023 to 0, the “GPS week” rollover will occur. This cycle is approximately It was 19.7. The rollover took place on August 21, 1999, and April 6, 2019, and the next time was November 20, 2038. If the “GPS week” rollover is not handled correctly, the time-dependent on GPS in the device may go backward by 19.7 years.


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