Apple iOS 15 official version of the new bug: there is a delay in WeChat voice “press and hold to talk”

apple ios 15

The official version of iOS 15 has been launched for more than 20 days. Today, Apple also launched the 15.0.2 update, during which several bugs have been solved, such as the issue of unlocking the Apple Watch and the possible failure of restoring iPhone 13 Wait, but according to the feedback from the Tech DNS/ it home, there is still a small bug in WeChat in iOS 15 which is the delay when using the WeChat “Press and Talk” function.

The Tech DNS test found that there are indeed the above-mentioned problems mentioned by netizens. IT House uses the latest iOS 15.0.2 system, and WeChat is also the latest version 8.0.15. As you can see from the video below, when you press and hold the “Press and Talk” button, it will take 1 to 2 seconds. The recording interface appears, and the delay is relatively large.

It is worth mentioning that this problem will only appear when you use the “press and hold to speak” function when you enter the contact’s dialogue interface for the first time, and there is no longer a delay when you use the “press and hold to talk” function on the dialogue interface again.

It is not clear whether the above problem is caused by the iOS 15 system or the failure of WeChat to adapt to the new system. The IT House test found that the problem does not exist in the iOS 14 system.


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