Apple iOS 14.8/iOS 15.x will launch App Privacy Report: All App behaviors are clear at a glance

apple ios 15

According to Apple’s official privacy website, Apple will give users the privacy protection of “what can be shared, all under your control”. From the moment you turn on a new device to every time you use the App, privacy protection is deeply embedded in it from beginning to end.

The relevant settings have been carefully designed so that you can control your data. You can adjust what information to share, where to share, and when to back up. In addition, starting with iOS 14.5 and iPad OS 14.5, you have greater control over how apps use data to track you.

Apple’s official website shows that the App privacy report will be launched soon.

After turning on the “Record App Activity” function, the behavior of all your apps is clear at a glance. This section of “Settings” allows you to check how often apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, and address book in the past 7 days. It also shows how often these apps access other domains. Combined with the information provided by the privacy label, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of how the App you are using handles your privacy.

The DNS is informed that, in addition, Apple iOS 14.5 and newer systems will also support privacy labels, App tracking transparency, pasteboard usage transparency, third-party apps, and access permissions, data and privacy information, location data, data and privacy pages, analysis data Management methods such as advertising, etc., will help you further improve security.


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