Users reported that Sony PS4 console 9.00 firmware update has problems

sony ps4

Sony’s PS4 game console released a version 9.00 firmware update on September 15 with a size of 490MB, which fixed some minor issues. However, many overseas users reported on the Reddit forum that there was a problem with their host after the update was completed, and the system was running very slowly and could not access the PSN network. Some users said that after the update was completed, some games were slow to load or even unplayable. Not only that but there are also individual users who claim that the game console becomes bricked after the update is completed and cannot start normally.

It is understood that the Sony PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro models have reported problems. For those PS4s that have become bricks, users said that the console will magically get better after being left for 1-2 days and can be turned on.

The DNS understands that some Reddit users speculate that the cause of the problem may be bad sectors or bad sectors on the hard drive. The reason is that this generation of game consoles is equipped with a fragile 2.5-inch mechanical hard drive, compared to a solid-state drive. , It is very easy to cause data loss over time.

sony ps4

The official customer service of Sony PlayStation UK responded to the problems encountered by some users on Twitter and said that they can contact after-sales service to solve them. As of now, the official has not announced the cause of the problem.


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