The Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio support

The Nintendo Switch has been a resounding success for the Japanese giant since its debut in March 2017, delivering a hybrid home/handheld experience and loads of killer titles. It’s not perfect though, and one of the major omissions for the longest time was Bluetooth audio.

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Luckily, Nintendo just announced on Twitter that the latest Switch firmware update finally brings Bluetooth audio output. So you can finally pair your favorite Bluetooth earbuds or headphones with the console.



However, there are some caveats with this support, Nintendo says. For one, Bluetooth microphones are not supported. Another limitation is that only two wireless controllers can be connected when Bluetooth audio is connected. The firm said that Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local wireless communications such as starting a local multiplayer game.

Still, when it comes to Bluetooth audio support, we’re happy to see Nintendo catching up to smartphones and the humble PlayStation Vita. Yet it makes you wonder why it took the company so long to implement it.


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