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Samsung Galaxy Watch

As we know very well, in the present time, as much importance as the smartphone, equally important of the importance of smartwatches for us. At present, all the smartphone companies are launching their own companies’ smartwatches in the market. If we talk about any best companies in these wearable devices, then we cannot deny Samsung at all.

We all know very well that the popularity of Samsung smart watches is very high and the company also does not disappoint its customers and continuously new watches are being launched in the market with new features.

As of now, the South tech giant Samsung is working on its new smartwatches, which will be launched under the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which will be brought to the market by the company on August 11. Although, prices have also been revealed along with the first glimpse of both the watches and many other features.

Let us now move to the title of the article as we know Samsung offers more than 100 watch faces on their smartwatches which you can put on your dial. If you are facing any problem while changing the watch face, then you can change your smartwatch face according to the instructions given below.

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TelegramHow to Change Watch Face on Samsung smartwatches:

1. There is a very easy way to change or customize the face of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. First, you can turn on your smartwatch and make sure that you’re looking at the watch’s face.

2. Then tap and hold your finger on the display of the watch until it zooms out.

3. After this, you will go to the watch face selection screen from where you can easily select different types of watch faces. For that, all you have to do is tap once on the watch face.

4. Also, you will see Customize button on some watch faces which means you can modify certain elements of that watch face as you like.

5. You can customize these watch faces as you like and select them by tapping on the OK button.

6. When you type the OK button, after that you will see that watch face on your screen.

How to Download Watch Faces on your Samsung smartwatch:

1. In addition to changing watch faces, you can download more watch faces to your Samsung Galaxy Watch from the Galaxy Store. For this, you have to open the Galaxy Wearable app through your iPhone, Android, or tablet and go to the Discover section.

2. Now through your device, select the Galaxy Store icon from the icons on the top screen.

3. After this, you can select the three-line “menu” icon located in the right corner.

4. Then you can select the “Watch Faces”.

5. After selecting the watch faces, you will see a variety of categories on the screen to explore from which you can browse the top specifics.

6. Tap the “Install” button below to install these watch faces on your wearable device, keep in mind that you have to pay a fixed price to install these watch faces.

7. After this, tap “Accept and Download” to proceed.

8. After that, you have to wait for the download of the watch face, once the watch face is installed then you can put it into your smartwatch.

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