MIUI 12.5

Redmi Note 8 Pro users gets the MIUI12.5 stable update

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi one of the best Device redmi note 8 pro getting new software update MIUI 12.5 stable. As we know Redmi has introduced its Redmi Note 8 series in the month of August 2019 and the series includes two models namely Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Now come with the New Stable update  MIUI 12.5, Redmi Note 8 Pro has now received the MIUI12.5 stable version update push, the version number is MIUI V12.5.1.0.RGGCNXM and the update package size is 2.2 GB.

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In addition, overseas Redmi Note 8 Pro and POCO F2 Pro also received the MIUI 12.5 update. Redmi Note8 Pro is a model released by Redmi on August 29, 2019. It first released MediaTek G90T processor, 4G network, supports NFC function, and the price starts at 1199 yuan.

MIUI 12.5


Added Android’s first gesture Turbo, extremely fast response, smooth in mind. New computing power upgrade, 20 times rendering power, rendering a great new model rating, different mobile phones, are more smooth and optimized system optimization, lighter, faster, More power-saving notes

New thinking note function, a structured writing tool on mobile phones, one-click generation of brain maps

Added graffiti function, carefully adjusted four kinds of brushes, delicately restored the real strokes. Added graffiti quick drawing function, including automatic correction of regular graphics by long press and automatic connection of straight-line endpoints

Added global to-do upgrade to “shorthand”, check notes, to-dos, and excerpts at any time

Added an excerpt function, supporting one-click excerpting of pictures, text, and links to notes (you need to upgrade to 3.1.0 or higher in the store)

Added dynamic grid typesetting to build the beauty of text order, so that different font sizes are equally beautiful

The notes are fully upgraded to “notes”

privacy protection

Added clipboard privacy protection, exposure application reads clipboard behavior, intelligent judgment and reasonable reading

Added fuzzy positioning, based on differential privacy technology to protect your location information. Added the first Android system that fully enables the sandbox mechanism, and supports separate read and write permissions for sensitive information.

Added behavior records of exposed webpages, intercepted sensitive and malicious behaviors, added anti-tracking on the Internet, and only you know your behavior. Added app store. Each app has its own privacy instructions. Added privacy risk detection.

Add album pictures to prevent accidental deletion

Added sensitive permission hazards and hidden danger education. Added enhanced prompts and interceptions for the activation of dangerous permissions. Optimized privacy protection pages. Comprehensive upgrades

Free window

Added notifications for chat applications, supports long-press and pulls to enter the small window. Added a quick swap between a mini window and a full-screen application. Added a “small window capsule” function, which prompts key information about the application when the application is in the mini window.

Added positioning function before shutting down and before the battery runs out


Added sliding bottom area to move the cursor quickly. Added keyboard bottom function keys to support language switching and keyboard switching. New additions. Press the bottom function keys to call out more functions. Added bottom full-screen keyboard. Optimized the functional area to adapt to personalized skins.


Added third-party fonts to support infinite adjustment of thickness and optimization of the aggregation system for personalized functions such as wallpapers, animations, and sounds. 0 Browser

Added support for custom wallpapers under the new concise version, optimized seamless mode, visual ii, optimized browser kernel, and faster speed

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