Google Chrome OS will launch new useful features

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Google is about to launch a new function for Chrome OS, the exclusive system of Chromebook laptops. The scanning application will support OCR text recognition of PDF documents. This type of laptop is very popular in the overseas education market and commercial market because of its very high-cost performance. It is the fastest-growing laptop category in 2020.

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The new features of this system were discovered by foreign media via the Chromium Gerrit platform, which will perform OCR text recognition on scanned documents, allowing users to directly search for words.


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Google has integrated text recognition into the Docs application, but it is unclear whether the new feature supports handwritten text recognition. Furthermore, the scanning application allows you to package scanned images into PDF files and scan multiple images at once. According to foreign media, the new features help to significantly reduce the workload of teachers and other professionals, and the scanning application OCR text recognition feature will appear in the next beta version of Chrome OS, which will be updated in the coming weeks.

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