Microsoft Windows 10 encountered the Blue Screen of Death bug, and a fixing solutions was now available.

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Some users have recently reported that Windows 10 has a blue screen of death problem, and the solution is now available. In June 2021, Intel released a WiFi driver update that resolved the Win10 blue screen of death issue.


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According to reports, this blue screen of death error often occurs when users use a Bluetooth keyboard or headset. And if you observe the Windows Device Manager, there is an error message showing a yellow exclamation mark, then this new version of Intel’s driver should also be updated, which seems to have fixed the related problems.

On June 1, Intel released two network drivers for WiFi and Bluetooth, which can be downloaded from Intel’s support and assistant tools. In addition to critical bug fixes, Intel stated that the new driver resolves security issues in certain Win10 configurations and adapters.

Intel released two network drivers related to WiFi and Bluetooth on June 1, which can be downloaded through Intel’s support and assistant tools. In addition to key bug fixes, Intel also stated that the new driver solves security issues in certain configurations and adapters on Win10 .

The driver update has no functional changes. After the user installs the driver update, there will be no improvements in connectivity or performance. In addition, these driver updates should only be installed when you do encounter problems, or when the current driver is faulty.

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The detailed information of the Intel June wireless driver is as follows.

Including the following versions of drivers:

  • Applicable to the version of Wi-Fi 6E AX210, AX201, AX200, wireless AC 9560, 9461/ 9462, 9260;
  • Version applicable to Intel dual-band wireless AC 8265 and 8260;
  • Applicable to version of dual-band wireless AC 3165, 3168, and 7265 series.

Before upgrading the driver, you need to confirm that the corresponding wireless adapter has been installed. If you want to confirm the relevant information, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the device manager;
  • In the device manager, find “network adapter”;
  • Click to expand the related menu;
  • Locate and view the current version.

If the network adapter you installed matches the model mentioned above, then you can install the driver update; but if the model is different, you may get the driver update through Windows Update in the future.

The following is the log of Intel’s driver update:

  • Fix the error that the wireless adapter can’t work in the device manager. This error usually occurs when sharing large files wirelessly;
  • Repair the fault that the network will lose the connection randomly;
  • Fix the bug of the old version of the driver that caused the blue screen of death;
  • Some new security and general bug fixes.

Intel Driver/Support Assistant: Click here to download


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