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Google is experimenting with a new transition animation for Android 12


Google today brought the Android 12 Beta 2 update for Pixel devices, optimized some UI design, and brought a lot of privacy features.

According to foreign media XDA, Google has added a hidden update to the Android 12 Betasettings APK, which allows you to use a new level transition animation after it is turned on. It can be seen from the figure that the current level transition animation changes inside and outside, while the new animation becomes a fading sliding left and right.


▲ The original level transition animation

android 12


▲ New level transition animation

we understand that at present the animation can only be turned on in the Settings App, and it is unclear whether Google will set the animation as the default level animation for Android 12. After all, the system is still in the testing stage.

In addition, Android 12 Beta 2  enables the Material You function, when users change the wallpaper, they can choose to automatically change the system color. Android 12 will automatically extract the main color and secondary color from the wallpaper and apply these color combinations to elements such as buttons and sliders.


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