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Honor MagicBook X 14 and X 15 launched in China at the price of 2999 yuan



Honor MagicBook X Series

Just a day ago Honor held a new launch conference in China and introduced its brand new notebook series with the name of the Honor MagicBook X. The series has introduced two notebooks namely MagicBook X 14 and MagicBook X 15 while the price set by the company is 3299 yuan and you can get this notebook at the cost of 2999 yuan in the first sale.

The Honor MagicBook X 14 has two configurations: the original price of the i3/8GB/256GB version is 3299 yuan, and the initial price is 2999 yuan; the original price of the i5/16GB/512GB version is 4299 yuan, and the initial price is 3999 yuan.

Honor MagicBook X 14 price

On the other side, the same thing was sawed on the MagicBook X 15, the original price of the i3/8GB/256GB version is 3399 yuan, and the initial price is 3099 yuan; the original price of the i5/8GB/512GB version is 3899 yuan, and the initial price is 3599 yuan.

Honor MagicBook X 15 price

Both notebooks as well as both configurations of this notebook will go on pre-booking from 15:00 this afternoon to 23:59 on May 11 and the sale will live on May 12 at 00:00-23:59. You can buy it on the Honor Mall, Honor Experience Store, and other majors authorized e-commerce and retail stores.

Honor MagicBook X 14 key specifications:

The Honor MagicBook X 14 has a15.9mm thin and weighs 1.38kg and it has launched with a new all-in-one metal body with a slim and stylish design. Buyers have got in this notebook a full-size backlit keyboard, 56Wh battery, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi. In addition, you can also get a two-in-one fingerprint recognition and power button.

The Honor MagicBook X 14 equipped with a 14-inch 4.8mm micro-frame immersive full screen, with a screen ratio of 84%, a maximum brightness of 250 nits, a resolution of 1080P, and German Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification.

According to the performance, it is powered by the 10th generation Core i3-10110U processor, dual-core 4 threads, base frequency 2.1GHz, and highest core frequency 4.1GHz.

Honor MagicBook X 14

Honor MagicBook X 15 key specifications:

Now, come to the Honor MagicBook X 15, the notebook is as thin as 16.9mm, weighs 1.56kg, is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen, 5.3mm micro-frame immersive full screen, and the screen ratio is 87%.

The other specification is similar to the MagicBook X 14, but in terms of performance the MagicBook X 15 is equipped with the 10th generation Core i5-10210U processor, quad-core 8 threads, the base frequency is 1.6GHz, and the highest core frequency is 4.2GHz.

Honor MagicBook X series

Both these notebooks also support multi-screen collaboration. Up to three windows can be opened at the same time, one screen can be used for multiple purposes.



Honor Unveils Two GT Models Featuring Snapdragon Flagship Chips and High-Quality Displays




honor 90 gt

Honor Teases Magic 6 Series: Anticipates Unveiling Two GT Models with Snapdragon Flagship Chips and Premium Displays.

Honor is getting ready to launch some exciting new GT models. It’s great to hear that they’ll be powered by flagship Snapdragon chips, which should ensure top-notch performance. And the focus on high-quality display technology is definitely something to look forward to.

Honor plans to release two new models, the X50 GT and the 90 GT (a possible rebrand of the 100 GT). The X50 GT is expected later this year, featuring 24GB RAM, advanced chipsets, and optical image stabilization. Stay tuned for more updates on these upcoming devices.


honor GT


“Recent reports suggest that the X50 GT and 100 GT are on track for an imminent launch, with notable improvements in internal configurations, flexible screens, and larger memory capacity. The rumored Honor 90 GT is said to feature a flat screen design and a plain leather rear, while the X50 GT is anticipated to sport a 6.81-inch display with 2388 x 1080 pixels resolution. Additionally, the X50 GT is expected to house a 4800mAh battery and run on a Snapdragon 888 chipset.”



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Honor X40, X30 and V40 light luxury devices are lineups with MagicOS 7.0 closed beta




Honor X40 MagicOS 7.0

Last year, Honor launched its new OS – MagicOS 7.0 along with the Android 13 operating system to its eligible devices. Now the company is opening MagicOS 7.0 closed beta registration for three Honor devices namely the Honor X40, Honor X30, and Honor V40 light luxury Edition.

The Honor X40, X30, and V40 light luxury smartphones users are now able to register into the Android 13 operating system that comes with MagicOS 7.0. In this internal beta testing, the company has selected 2000 users for each device, and further, the number of users will increase.

If you are a user of the devices mentioned above and want to know the features of MagicOS 7.0 then you install the latest MagicOS 6.0 version and later will go on the Honor Club app to process the further instructions.

Honor X40 model number and required MagicOS 6.0 version:

Honor X40 MagicOS 7.0

Honor X30 model number and required MagicOS 6.0 version:

Honor X30 MagicOS 7.0

Honor V40 light luxury Edition model number and required MagicOS 6.0 version:

Honor V40 MagicOS 7.0

The MagicOS 7.0 internal beta testing for the Honor X40, X30, and V40 light luxury smartphones are supportable on the Honor Club app side, and it does not work on the PC version. So remember that users will install the latest version of this app on their devices.

Meanwhile, smartphone users can enter the application market to upgrade the “Honor Club” App to the latest version or Upgrade via “Honor Club App-> My-> Check for Updates.

Remember Points:

  1. All of the eligible Honor devices must install the required official version to install MagicOS 7.0.
  2. The Honor devices must install the latest version of the applications to use the seamless app features.
  3. The major update will not erase your previous data, but users must take a device backup.
  4. To install this latest version users will use a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi.

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Honor Magic 5 Design Exposure: Breaking away from Huawei’s genes, the three-camera ring is eye-catching




According to the news Honor Magic 5 will be released on February 27th, the whistleblower @SPinfoJP has now drawn a rendering of the appearance of this model, and several digital bloggers confirmed that the rendering is consistent with the The design of the real machine basically matches.

Honor Magic 5

Judging from the existing information, the new Honor Magic 5 series will continue to adopt the popular circular design, containing three lenses arranged in an equilateral triangle, one of which is a periscope telephoto lens, and the bottom is a flash. At the same time, according to the “100X” silkscreen on the lens cover, the machine will support up to 100x digital zoom.

According to the current known information, the new Honor Magic 5 series will be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship platform, equipped with a 6.8-inch eye-protecting flexible screen, support 100W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging, and is one of the few simultaneous charging devices in the world. A top flagship phone with structured light capability and IP68 dust and water resistance.

we know it house reported that Honor CEO Zhao Ming previously stated that the Magic 5 series will be built as a high-end flagship with leading image, communication, security, and intelligence.

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