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Huawei P50 series protective case image leaked on Internet



P50 series

As we know that the Chinese tech giant Huawei has ready to introduce its next flagship series- the Huawei P50 series. According to the previous report, the company will first plan to launch this smartphone in the month of April but due to some reason, the company will hold the launch schedule of the Huawei P50 smartphones and now it will be arriving in the month of June.

At the present time Huawei’s P50 series is the top news in the market and the day by day some new things come out on the internet. Recently, the Huawei P50 Pro one more image leaked by the @LetsgoDigital and said that the series will be launch with the stunning Leica optics.

Now the well-known Twitter tipster @RODENT950  has posted on his Twitter account the protective case image of the P50 series and it will clearly be indicated the upcoming series will be launch with the three-camera setup.

In this image, Huawei P50 Pro Plus has not listed but the other two variants have shown that the smartphone will come with a large camera size on the backside. Moreover, the P50 Pro will be launch with a bigger screen size compared to the P50 smartphone. Both the smartphone will be present with a full-size display and the center hole punch.

P50 series protective case

As per the image, the P50 Pro will be carrying the three cameras in the backside with the Lecia branding. All three cameras are placed in a pill-shaped circle and the size of the first camera is quite large while both the remaining are displayed in a small size. The LED flashlight has also appeared in the pill-shaped circle.

P50 series protective case (1)

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HMS Core update is the new version for Huawei Mobile Services




HMS Core 6.13

Huawei developers are releasing a new update for their pre-installed app, the HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services), which is version This latest update focuses on fixing previous issues and enhancing the overall user experience to make it smoother and more reliable. With this update, users can expect a more seamless and uninterrupted experience while using the app, as the developers have worked hard to address any flaws and improve its performance. The goal of this update is to ensure that users have a stable and enjoyable experience with the HMS Core on their Huawei devices.

It is advised that all Huawei users immediately install the most recent version of the HMS Core, which has an installation size of 48.06 MB. Apart from the bug fixes, the update also improves your experience and delivers more easy access. Check out the download link and other helpful information down below.


Application name:-

  • HMS Core (Huawei Mobile Services)

Update Version:-

Update Size:-

  • 48.06MB.


HMS Core 6.11

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Huawei Developing Celia Assistant with 5.5G and AI Features




huawei celia

Huawei plans to develop a new version of its Celia assistant, featuring upgrades like 5.5G and AI capabilities. The company announced this at the 2024 Mobile Communications High-Quality Development Forum on June 7.

At the event, Huawei’s Senior Vice President, Cao Jibin, discussed how teamwork can usher in the era of 5G-A technology in the region.

Cao also announced that Huawei plans to develop a new Celia super assistant with 5.5G network technology and advanced AI features.

This new Celia assistant will be built on the Pangu AI large model. Since Huawei is set to launch the Pangu Model 5.0 at HDC 2024, this technology is expected to be integrated into the new assistant app.

huawei assistant

huawei assistant

Currently, the Celia voice assistant uses Large Language Model (LLM) AI and advanced algorithms. However, Huawei aims to make it even smarter and more efficient for users. Cao believes these enhancements will better meet users’ needs.

“Huawei is the first company to introduce AI into smartphones. In the next step, we will build Celia into a super assistant based on the Pangu model, integrating the capabilities of 5G + AI to provide users with better devices.” – says Cao Jibin.

Apart from the Celia assistant, Cao Jibin discussed the benefits of 5G-A technology, also known as 5.5G. This advanced network offers faster, more stable, and more functional mobile communication compared to previous versions.

Over the next 5-10 years, 5G-A will become more powerful and benefit individual users, families, offices, and other settings. It will also boost digital transformation and introduce various AI facilities for customers.

Cao mentioned that the demand for smart technologies will increase by 100 times, and AI computing will grow by 500 times. Despite slow progress in chip production, he is optimistic about future improvements.

via:- weibo/huaweicentral

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Huawei Petal Maps is getting May-June 2024 update []




Huawei Petal Maps

Huawei has released a major update for their map app, Petal Maps. The new version,, follows a public testing period where users could try out new features and report any issues. The update likely includes improvements based on this feedback.

Companies like Huawei test many new features for their apps, but they can’t add everything at once. Instead, they release frequent updates, gradually providing new features.

This is also true for Huawei Petal Maps, which is now getting the update. This version has a software package size of 81.12 megabytes.

Despite the medium-sized 81.12 MB package, the update doesn’t list any major additions. However, installing it may improve the app’s efficiency and performance.

The update includes general improvements and bug fixes to enhance the user experience. It aims to resolve any glitches from the previous version.

For better app stability, install the latest update as soon as it appears in your notifications. You can also use the AppGallery or the third-party link below to install it directly.

Huawei Petal Maps version – LINK

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