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King of Glory announced four holiday themes



King of Glory

King of Glory (which, depending on the region is also translated as Honor of Kings and called Strike of Kings in the US) is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game introduced by Tencent in 2015. The gameplay is between players for 1VS1, 3VS3, 5VS5, and other ways of PVP battle. As per public data, the number of registered users of the game has reached more than 200 million, with a peak DAU (daily active users) of 70 million, the largest number of users for a MOBA mobile game in the world.

Now the King of Glory will reveal the four series of skin themes yesterday (March 28, 2021) around the four traditional festivals of Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Also said that spend the Chinese Festival with heroes in the canyon.

Moreover, the company has released these them with the name of the heroes Li Yuanfang, Meng Ya, Wang Zhaojun and Shen Mengxi. Now below you can take a look at the wonderful themes with the name of the heroes.

Li Yuanfang invites you to take a trip to Qingming:

Tomb-sweeping Festival, also known as the Outing Festival, is full of spring. When everything is sprouting, we will go out in the wild and fly kites to hope. Come and welcome the spring with Yuanfang.

King of Glory theme 02


Meng Ya invites you to Dragon Boat Race:

The Dragon Boat Festival has many customs, various forms, and rich content. The two customs of dragon boat racing and eating rice dumplings have been passed down since ancient times and continue to this day. How will Mengya spend the Dragon Boat Festival this time?

King of Glory theme 01

Wang Zhaojun invites you to pray for beauty on Chinese Valentine’s Day:

The Qixi Festival is also known as the Qiqiao Festival, to pray for blessings and wishes. Sister Zhaojun will also meet happiness with everyone in this festival, and get fate together.

King of Glory theme 03

Shen Mengxi invites you to enjoy delicious food during Mid-Autumn Festival:

As a classic traditional festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether it is watching the moon, eating moon cakes, or playing with lanterns, has been passed down to this day for a long time. Looking forward to Shen Mengxi’s new interpretation of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

King of Glory theme 04

King of Glory previously announced that it will join hands with the Chinese Folklore Society to jointly launch the “Glory China Festival” and will carry out the King’s zero-distance offline communication activities in multiple cities. Players can communicate face-to-face with King’s R&D team. Meanwhile, get together with friends to open black.


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Hacker who leaked “GTA 6” pleads not guilty in court and admits using a mobile device to hack




British police arrested a 17-year-old man

An anonymous user recently posted more than an hour of “GTA 6” development video on the GTA forum, potentially becoming one of the most high-profile data leaks in the game industry’s history. British police have confirmed that they have charged a teen who was arrested in connection with the alleged hacking that is linked to the recent GTA 6 and Uber data breaches, according to a report.

According to Bloomberg Legal, the 17-year-old hacker pleaded not guilty to computer misuse charges today. A 17-year-old boy arrested in Oxfordshire on Thursday has now been charged with two counts of breaching bail conditions and two counts of misusing a computer to appear at Highbury Point Youth Court on Saturday, City of London police said on Saturday.

According to prosecutor Valerie Benjamin, the suspects used mobile phones to hack into companies and “blackmail them” for illegally obtained software. In youth court, the man denied using his cell phone for hacking. The judge announced that the case would be referred to a higher court, which would hear a “similar” case later.

We understand that while police did not comment on whether the arrest was related to this month’s GTA 6 data breach, reporter Matthew Keys cited sources as saying the teenager was known as “AK” because of his age.

The source also said the teenager was linked to a group called Lapsus$ and was arrested earlier this year for hacking Microsoft and Nvidia. “U.S. federal law enforcement officials, working with their British counterparts, have identified the AK as a common suspect in both attacks,” the Keys source said.

In addition, at least two other people are believed to have been involved in the attacks against Rockstar and Uber, and more arrests are expected, a law enforcement source said.

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A remake of the original Angry Birds game has been released




Angry Birds Rovio Classics

Angry Birds is back on smartphones, rebuilt from the ground up in a faithful replica of the original game that has racked up billions of downloads across the world.

The survival of the popular enraged birds avenging the greedy pigs who have stolen their eggs is in jeopardy in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. Through difficult physics-based gameplay, players will be able to exploit each bird’s unique abilities to destroy the pigs’ fortifications.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds includes all 8 original episodes from 2012:

To be solved with a slingshot, each level takes logic, talent, and physical strength, and this edition includes all 8 original episodes of 2012 Angry Birds, totaling over 390 levels.

To get through the toughest levels, the Rovio puzzle features all of the original classic characters as well as the Great Eagle. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds costs $0.99 (roughly 85 INR) on Android and is free of in-app purchases and adverts. The badge to find the game in the Google Play Store can be found below. For installation, you’ll need Android 6.0 or later.

“We are extremely grateful to have such an amazing community of engaged fans that care deeply about our games.” says Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand. “Angry Birds has touched so many people and has been a large presence in mobile gaming. After hearing the outcry from our fans, we just had to find a way to bring Angry Birds back.”

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“League of Legends” 2022 LPL spring playoffs schedule is postponed again, online from April 12




League of Legends

The League of Legends Professional League officially issued an announcement announcing that the 2022 LPL spring playoff schedule was postponed again.

The announcement pointed out that in order to fully cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work and ensure the health and safety of players and staff, the League of Legends competition committee has evaluated and fully communicated with the clubs to decide – on the playoffs originally scheduled to resume on April 8. The schedule will be postponed until April 12 to continue online.

The League of Legends professional league official pointed out in the announcement that the competition time of the spring finals will be announced separately, and players are requested to continue to pay attention to the follow-up updates. If there are other adjustments in the future, it will communicate with you as soon as possible.

The DNS has learned that on March 29, the League of Legends professional league official has released an announcement for the first time to announce the postponement of the 2022 LPL spring playoff schedule. At that time, the playoff schedule originally scheduled from April 1 to April 7 will be postponed to April 8 to be played online.

In mid-March, League of Legends officials also announced that the remaining games of the regular season will be adjusted to online games from March 15th.


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