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OPPO F11 Pro get the February 2021 and F11 grabs March 2021 Patch update



OPPO F11 Pro and OPPO F11

OPPO has already distributed the Android 11 based ColorOS 11 update to its most popular smartphone which is OPPO F11 and OPPO F11 Pro. Moreover, the company has started releasing the upgraded version of the ColorOS 11 which is ColorOS 11.1 to both smartphone users and this is the last major update for OPPO F11 and F11 Pro.

Now moving ahead, the company has also pushed out the month’s patch update for OPPO F11 and OPPO F11 Pro smartphone users. The OPPO F11 smartphone users start receiving the March 2021 security patch update with version number CPH1911_11_F.07 and the package size is 228MB.

On the other side, the OPPO F11 Pro smartphone gets the previous month (February 2021) security patch update and it bumps with build number CPH1969_11_F.06 which carries the 688MB package size.

If we talk about the features, the company has pushed this update with improves security level to the smartphone as well as fixes some known issues bugs expect from these, there are no other additional features add by the company.


Device Name:

  • OPPO F11 Pro
  • OPPO F11

Update Version:

  • CPH1911_11_F.07 (OPPO F11)
  • CPH1969_11_F.06 (OPPO F11 Pro)

Update Size:

  • 228MB (OPPO F11)
  • 688MB (OPPO F11 Pro)

Operating System:

  • ColorOS 11.1

Android Version:

  • Android 11

How to update manually?

    1. Settings
    2. System
    3. Software update
    4. Check for Updates Download!

OPPO F11 and OPPO F11 Pro



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Oppo Reno 5/6 Pro gets new official version update ColorOS 13 Android 13




OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G and Reno6 Pro 5G have now started receiving the official version upgrade of ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13.


  • Reno5 Pro 5G (base version C.30)

  • Reno6 Pro 5G (base version C.18)

Official version number:

  • Reno5 Pro 5G —— F.40 and above

  • Reno6 Pro 5G —— F.08 and above


understands that this upgrade will not clear user data, but it is recommended to back up important personal data in advance before upgrading. In addition, there are currently many commonly used third-party applications that are not compatible with Android 13. After upgrading to Android 13, third-party applications may not work properly (such as flashbacks, freezes, black screens, power consumption, etc.).

【How to apply】

1. Please make sure that your mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version (version number check method: Settings> About This Device> Version Information> Version Number)

2. Please click “Settings > About This Machine > Version Information at the top (above “Phone Name”) > Settings in the upper right corner > Early adopters application > ColorOS 13 official version > Check “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy” > Apply Now “, after completing the application, click “Check for Updates”, detect and download the installation version to upgrade to ColorOS 13.0. Please refer to the figure below for specific operation steps.

oppo reno 5

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Android 13

OPPO ColorOS 13 x Android 13 new interface exposure





OPPO ColorOS has begun to adapt to Android 13, and ColorOS 13 is also on the agenda. Today, digital blogger @Digital Chat Station released a  screenshot of a new interface called ColorOS 13 x Android 13. The new UI brings a number of improvements.

According to the leaked screenshots, ColorOS 13 supports the creation of large nine-square-grid folders , and you can directly click to open the app. In addition, ColorOS 13 adapts to more widgets , which can be pinned to the homepage.

oppo colorOS 13

Finally, the system UX design of ColorOS 13 has a more hydrogen OS feel , and OnePlus users should be able to feel some familiar elements.

colorOS 13

The blogger @Digital Chat Station said that the background retention rate of the ColorOS 13 internal test system is much stronger than that of the previous generation .

DNS learned that according to Weibo blogger @WHYLAB, the ColorOS 13 preview adaptation plan has been announced. In early July, the internal test of ColorOS 13 based on the Android 13 Beta 3 version was started, and at the same time, the developers were adapted and verified, and the internal test and release process of the version was started. The public beta of ColorOS 13 will be launched in early August. Developers need to complete the adaptation and release before this, so as to avoid affecting the use of public beta users.

Previously, digital blogger @Digital Chat Station released a screenshot of what it claims to be ColorOS x Android 13, and said that at present it is only the setting interface UI with fine-tuning, and the new underlying features are better privacy protection, animation smoothness, and application flow, etc. Wait, the official version of ColorOS 13 will be released in the second half of the year.

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OnePlus 8 series phones will push the official version of ColorOS in the first quarter of 2022




colorOS for oneplus

OnePlus 9 series phones were released in March 2021 and for the first time, this phone was equipped with ColorOS for the OnePlus system. The company said that it will work with OPPO to gradually replace Hydrogen OS with ColorOS and update the OnePlus 7 and 8 series.

Today, Liu Fengshuo, Ceo of OnePlus Mobile Phones, announced that the official version of ColorOS for the OnePlus 8 Series, 8, 8 Pro, and 8T will be available in the first quarter of next year. He also said that due to data compatibility issues between Hydrogen OS and ColorOS, as well as other factors, the team took a little longer than expected to ensure stability and reliability, so the system would be released later. In addition, Liu Fengshuo acknowledged that there are some issues with user communication and feedback and that they haven’t done it properly. It is for reflection and correction.

oneplus ceo

Not long ago, OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu also said that the ColorOS stable version of the OnePlus 8 series has already confirmed the time and will use the greatest efforts to meet and solve everyone’s concerns as soon as possible.

(phone basic information)
As we know  OnePlus 8 series phones are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processors, and the OnePlus 8 Pro is equipped with 2K resolution flexible AMOLED screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz, covering the Display P3 color gamut. The OnePlus 7 mobile phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, including OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro models. As of now, there is no timetable for the adaptation of ColorOS to the OnePlus 7 series.


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