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iOS 14.5 Automatically update on your device, Check the information



iOS 14.5

An anonymous iPhone user has published a statement on the Reddit platform and he has clearly stated in his alleged statement that his iPhone is detecting automatic iOS 14.5 beta update. Also, that user has shared a link and he said that this iOS 14.5 beta update has been received in his device from there.

iOS 14.5

In this post, another iPhone user commented that the, how you got this latest version while his iPhone and iPad still running on iOS 14.4. Then the users who allegedly published the post shared this link while replying that it is said that you can download this update automatically from here. (Check the link)

iOS 14.5 statement comments

If we open this link, then this page shows the beta version of all the latest iOS updates coming from Apple. According to the reports, it is an unofficial page, it is not provided by Apple with any authorities. Another user has reportedly commented in this that it is an unofficial page and we should wait for the official beta version. So in response to which this alleged statement was given. He replied that he has been trusting it for many years and since the iOS 12 came, he has been updating his device through this medium.

Now how much truth is there in this statement, it cannot be said clearly, but in our opinion, you should wait for the official rollout by Apple.


Aditya primarily uses Huawei and Samsung electronic equipment. Aditya likes wearing smartwatches as well, and at the moment he has a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Huawei Watch GT 2. As a tech geek, he constantly researches and meticulously evaluates new technology.

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Apple iOS 16 adds support for Bluetooth eSIM transmission between iPhones



Bluetooth eSIM

Apple released iOS 16, and iPadOS 16 systems, and has released the first developer preview Beta. iOS 16 introduces a useful new feature that allows eSIM transfer between iPhones via Bluetooth when setting up cellular service.

apple ios 16

In the Settings app on an iPhone running iOS 16, tapping “Set up eSIM” brings up options to transfer the eSIM and its associated phone number from another iPhone via Bluetooth. To transfer an eSIM from another iPhone, Apple says to make sure the other iPhone is nearby, unlocked, Bluetooth turned on, and running iOS 16 or later.

The feature appears to be available in several countries, including the US and UK, but only on carrier-supported eSIMs. Given that iOS 16 was only released a few days ago and is currently in beta testing, carrier support may be limited for now.

Apple will also continue to offer the more traditional option of setting up an eSIM by scanning a QR code provided by the carrier.

An eSIM is a digital SIM that enables activation of a cellular network plan from a carrier without the need for a physical nano-SIM. The iPhone XS or newer offers a single eSIM, while all four iPhone 13 series models support dual eSIMs.

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Apple iOS 15.5 And WatchOS 8.6 Officially Released [Check Details]



apple ios

Apple today released the official version of iOS 15.5 and iPad OS 15.5 to all users. This is a major version update, but there are not many new features, mainly detailed improvements, and bug fixes.

Let’s take a look at what’s in this update.

Podcasts Podcast Updates

Apple’s Podcasts podcasts app has added a setting that allows users to limit the amount of storage on their iPhone or iPad. It also automatically deletes old shows, preventing apps from taking up too much storage space. This is good news for 64GB iPhone users.

Pay with Apple Pay Cash

In the Apple Pay Cash section of the Wallet app, there are now “Request” and “Send” buttons, making it easier to manage cash directly from Wallet. Apple Pay in the Messages, the iMessage version of receiving and paying, has also been renamed “Apple Cash.”

Home app improvements

Now that you have the WiFi signal bar, you can see the signal status of the HomePod.

Universal Control

In iPadOS 15.5, Universal Control is no longer a beta test. This means that the feature has been fully released and the bug has been resolved.

Universal Control, first introduced in iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey 12.3, allows multiple iPads or Macs to use a single mouse/keyboard.

Apple Card

Apple now refers to the physical Apple Card as the “Titanium Card” in the Wallet app. Others don’t seem to have changed, eMMM… Might as well call it Apple Card.

Add external payment links

“Reader apps” means those apps that provide digital content (not just literally reading), such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music or video, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and other apps For example.

iOS 15.5 adds support for “externally linked accounts”, allowing such apps to support links to external websites for account creation and management purposes. That is the third-party payment channel that has been controversial for a long time.

Photo recall function

In iOS 15.5, Apple added a list of “sensitive places” to the system’s own Photos app that won’t appear in Memories. Such as various concentration camps and Holocaust monuments.

Apple Music Playback API

iOS 15.5 re-introduced the Apple Music API development interface, allowing third-party music players to change the playback speed of songs. This API was there before but was removed in iOS 15.4 and returned in iOS 15.5.

traces of classical music

In the beta, it was mentioned that Apple is developing an “Apple Classical” classical music app as a complement to Apple Music now. But iOS 15.5 doesn’t see it.

But there are “Open Apple Classical Music” and “Open this new app designed for classical music” in the Music app code, suggesting it will still be there in the near future.

Apple acquired classical music streaming service Primephonic in August 2021 and said it would develop a new classical music experience for Apple Music. Apple is rumored to be planning a new standalone classical music app that will combine Primephonic’s user interface and classical music specialization with Apple Music and features such as lossless and spatial audio.

Apple hasn’t disclosed details on when the app will be released, but it’s apparently ready.

SportsKit Update

A new development interface that appears to dynamically display the scores of different baseball games in a TV application. But currently, users don’t see much display.

Automated bug fixes

iOS 15.5 fixes a bug that could cause home automation, mainly when people leaving or arriving often trigger failures.

“Information” security features expanded to other countries

iOS 15.5 extends Communication Security in Messages to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

Previously only available in the US, it could scan underage users for sending or receiving nude photos in iMessage. If a minor receives such a photo, the photo will be blurred. The system warns them that these images may be harmful.

This feature is optional and must be enabled by a parent. It is limited to underage accounts.

security fixes

  • iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 include more than 25 security fixes, Apple’s security support site describes. The vulnerability was not exploited maliciously, but users are still advised to update.
  • There are also fixes for WebKit, Kernel, Wi-Fi, AppleAVD, and more.

WatchOS 8.6 Officially Released

Apple today pushed the watchOS 8.6 update (build number: 19T572) to Apple Watch users. This update is 46 days after the last release.

It should be noted that due to the cache configuration of Apple’s regional node servers, there may be a slight delay in the detection of the upgrade update time in some places. Generally, it will not be too long within half an hour.

The DNS has learned that watchOS 8.6 includes the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Mexican users can now use mobile ECG atrial fibrillation alert software on Apple Watch Series 4 or later ;

  • Irregular heart rhythm notifications are now available for users in Mexico.

Users installing the update need to make sure their Apple Watch is charging and within range of an iPhone connected to Wi-Fi.



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Apple iOS 15.5/iPadOS 15.5 Developer Preview Beta Release: Classical Music, Universal Control Compatible Upgrades



apple ios 15.5

Apple today pushed the iOS / iPadOS 15.5 developer preview Beta update (build number: 19F5047e) to iPhone and iPad users. This update is 5 weeks after the last release.

After downloading the installation description file, you can download the iOS / iPadOS 15.5 Developer Preview via OTA.

ios 15.5

Apple Classic Reference

There’s a mention of the upcoming “Apple Classical” app Apple is working on to complement Apple Music, suggesting that a standalone app could be coming soon. In the music app code, there are “opens in apple classical” and “opens in a new app designed for classical music”, but the classical app is not yet available.

Apple acquired the classical music streaming service Primephonic as early as August 2021, and said it would create a new classical music experience for Apple Music. Apple is planning a new standalone app dedicated to classical music that will combine Primephonic’s user interface and classical music expertise with features like Apple Music and lossless and spatial audio. Apple hasn’t provided details on what the app might appear on, but it’s apparently working on it.

Apple Pay Cash

In the Apple Pay Cash section of the Wallet app, there are now “Request” and “Send” buttons, making it easier to manage Cash directly from Wallet.

According to reports, the Apple Cash card in the Wallet app can be used with Apple Pay to pay in stores, in apps and online. Money from your Apple Cash account can also be transferred to a bank account. In addition to money received from other users, money from a debit or stored value card in the Wallet app can also be added to your Apple Cash account.

Universal Control

According to Apple’s macOS release notes, Universal Controls in the new iPadOS 15.5 and macOS Monterey 12.4 updates are not compatible with devices running macOS 12.3 or iPadOS 15.4, so Apple recommends that, as a workaround, users should update their Universal Controls devices to the new beta version.

SportsKit Update

Apple is continuing to build out its “SportsKit” support as it prepares to launch “friday night baseball,” with a TV app mentioning reporting scores for different baseball innings.

iTunes Pass rebranding

Apple is apparently working on rebranding “iTunes Pass” in the wallet, renaming it “Apple Balance.”

There used to be an option to add an “iTunes Pass” to the wallet app, which included funds associated with the user’s Apple ID. In the US, Apple appears to have removed the option to add iTunes Pass, but it still exists in other countries. There may be a new Apple Balance option in the wallet app in the future.


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