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Huawei DevEco Studio 2.1 receiving Beta 2 update with 6 new major updates



DevEco Studio 3

Huawei officially announced HUAWEI DevEco Studio is for Huawei terminal equipment of the whole scene more than a one-stop integrated development environment (IDE), to provide engineering templates for developers to create, develop, compile, debug, test , Release and other E2E HarmonyOS application development services.

In the month of December 16, 2020, HUAWEI DevEco Studio released version 2.0 Beta 3. Now the company has taken two months time to release the beta 2 update but now the company started rolling out the beta 2 update for HUAWEI DevEco Studio and it comes with lots of new changes. Below you can check the changes.

Mac version complete Java UI preview
In the process of developing HarmonyOS applications, developers can view the display effect of the UI interface through the previewer function provided by DevEco Studio. With the upgrade of the version, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 (Windows+Mac version) has supported the preview of the Java UI interface and the JS UI interface.

DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 (Windows+Mac version) for JS applications, supports six device types: mobile phones, tablets, smart screens, smart wearables, lightweight smart wearables, and smart vision; for Java applications, it supports mobile phones, tablets, and cars, Smart screens and smart wearable devices.

Regarding the JS UI layout, developers can dynamically preview in real-time in the previewer after writing the code in HTML/CSS/JS. The UI display effect is the same as when the application is running on a real machine.

For Java UI layout, developers can experience dynamic preview when previewing or file and preview XML layout file to experience real-time preview.

Real-time preview: After modifying the UI file, you can view the UI display effect in real-time in the previewer.

Dynamic preview: In the preview interface, interactive operations such as click events and sliding can be performed.

In addition, the development of distributed applications must meet the screen resolution, shape, and size requirements of different devices. In order to facilitate developers to view the UI layout and interaction effects of the application on different devices at any time during the application development process, DevEco Studio provides a cross-device preview function. However, it is worth noting that if the two devices support different encoding languages, the cross-device preview function cannot be used. For example, the Java language Phone application does not support running on Lite Wearable, because Lite Wearable does not support Java language.

Added 5 mobile phone project templates

DevEco Studio supports mobile phones, tablets, car machines, smart screen, smart wearable, lightweight smart wearable and smart vision. In order to facilitate the use of developers, DevEco Studio 2.0 provides Ability templates for multiple device types and different development languages.

DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 adds 5 new phone project templates on the original basis. Developers can select appropriate templates according to the project wizard, easily create projects suitable for various devices, and automatically generate corresponding Code and resource templates.

Visualization of debugging variables for JS and C/C++

Aiming at pain points such as long code processing flow and deep error concealment, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 uses Plain (tree), Line (line graph), Bar (bar graph) and Table during JS or C/C++ code debugging. (Table), etc.

Provide application security testing services

DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 provides application security testing services for HarmonyOS applications. Currently, it mainly supports two functions: vulnerability testing and privacy testing.

Vulnerability testing: Through the HarmonyOS application life cycle modeling and application attack surface modeling, static data flow analysis technology is used to improve the accuracy of vulnerability discovery while covering more than 20 attack surfaces and 65 + vulnerability test items to help developers in advance Discover and identify potential vulnerabilities. The vulnerability detection report will give clear repair suggestions for each vulnerability risk item to help developers quickly repair vulnerabilities. The vulnerability testing service supports Java applications, and the package format includes Hap/App.

Privacy detection: By dynamically detecting and analyzing the privacy-sensitive behavior of the application running on the device, it helps developers to troubleshoot the malicious behavior of the application and build a pure and green HarmonyOS application. The privacy test supports 17 + detections, including detection of obtaining geographic location information, detection of obtaining device identification, detection of obtaining address book information, detection of obtaining system information, etc. The privacy test service currently supports Java applications for TV devices, and the package format includes Hap/App.

Provide application automation testing services
In addition to application security testing services, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 also adds application automation testing services, including application compatibility, stability and performance testing, to detect possible applications in the entire life cycle of installation, startup, operation and uninstallation. The problem checks the application quality in all directions.

Compatibility test: Mainly verify the compatibility issues of the HarmonyOS application running on Huawei’s real device, including the first installation, reinstallation, startup, uninstallation, crash, black and white screen, flashback, operation error, failure to rollback, and top ten UI abnormalities Abnormal scene.

Stability test: Mainly verify the stability issues of the HarmonyOS application running on Huawei’s real device, including crash/application freeze screen, memory leak, and memory stepping. The stability test supports Java/JS applications of TV devices, and the package format includes Hap/App.

Performance test: Mainly verify the performance problems of the HarmonyOS application running on Huawei’s real device, including startup time, interface display, CPU usage and memory usage. The performance test supports Java/JS applications of TV devices, and the package format includes Hap/App.

Enhanced editor capabilities

For the C/C++ editor, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta2 has made four enhancements:

  • Enhanced code completion function. In the writing application stage, the editor will analyze the context and understand the content of the project. According to the content entered by the developer, it will prompt the developer to complete the names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords, which greatly improves the coding efficiency.
  • For the names and variables of the macro definition, as well as the preprocessing path and prefix, developers are supported to customize the highlight color of their code, which is convenient for developers to distinguish different codes by color.
  • Support function jump from definition to the declaration. When the code realizes the jump, the listed results will be distinguished by file name and display key code information.
  • Supports viewing of documents of display types, methods, functions, parameters, etc., which is convenient for developers to read the code.

For the JS editor, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 has made three optimizations:

  • The code completion function is enhanced, which is manifested in import optimization, suffix completion, and enhancement of annotation capabilities.
  • Code grammar enhancement: support ES6 grammar, Emmet grammar and Media Query conditional rules to automatically complete.
  • Code checking enhancement: duplicate variable and unused variable checking; automatic strikethrough display of referenced obsolete symbols, obsolete symbols can be marked by @deprecated in JS doc comments; support for spell checking of JS, HTML, CSS codes, etc.

For the XML editor, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 has made two enhancements:

  • For the resources in the predefined JSON/XML, it can dynamically associate and jump in real-time.
  • In the XML layout file, use the tag to realize the dynamic data binding function between java and XML.

In addition to the above six functions, DevEco Studio 2.1 Beta 2 also solves three major user pain points:

  • Solved the problem of slow Gradle download during project synchronization. The new version integrates the Gradle tool so that developers no longer need to download the Gradle tool separately.
  • Added to view the preview log, you can view the log information during the preview process, and also support the switch between Chinese and English.
  • Solved the problem that the simulator does not support the display of the WebView control.

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Aditya primarily uses Huawei and Samsung electronic equipment. Aditya likes wearing smartwatches as well, and at the moment he has a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Huawei Watch GT 2. As a tech geek, he constantly researches and meticulously evaluates new technology.

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HarmonyOS 2.1

Huawei Watch 3 series new system improvement update has arrived for non-beta tester




Huawei Watch 3

This month, the Chinese tech giant Huawei has given a lot of priority to its Huawei Watch 3 series and has rolled out lot’s of features and optimization updates in different areas. The most important update is the HarmonyOS 3.0 beta which is arrived for the users in the home town and for global users as well. Now once again, the global users of the Huawei Watch 3 series getting the new firmware update.

According to the information, Huawei has started rolling out the August 2022 update for the Huawei Watch 3 series global users. The latest firmware comes with system optimizations to increase your experience. Notably, this update is only applicable to those users who have not participated in the beta program of HarmonyOS 3.0.

The August 2022 firmware update for Huawei Watch 3 series users has already arrived in China, but the company has mentioned a two-month-old changelog with no difference. However, the company has released the same version with a different changelog for global units.

Huawei Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 3 Pro global users now have access to the August 2022 firmware update based on HarmonyOS 2.1 and has a new build number of The installation size of this update is 156MB and you should install it on your wristwatch as soon as you get the software notification.

In terms of changes, the company has only mentioned system improvements to re-arrange device performance while also fixing some known issue flaws. Aside from that, users can look forward to new features that will be included in the HarmonyOS 3.0 stable update.

Huawei Watch 3

For the latest news, join us on our telegram channel: link below

TelegramHUAWEI WATCH 3 August 2022 update CHANGELOG: [Global]

  • Improved system stability for some scenarios.

Keep in your mind:

  1. This update rolling out in batches, so it will take a time to reach your device.
  2. The watch needs to have at least a 20% battery.
  3. Make sure the connection is stable during the update process.
  4. Try again if the update not going at the end.

Huawei Watch 3 series HarmonyOS 3.0 beta features for global users:

The beta release of HarmonyOS 3.0 for the Huawei Watch 3 series includes a number of new features, such as the Super Device, new sports features, improved health management, smart travel features, and much more. (Read full features)


  • First, you can tap the upper button of the watch
  • Select the watch setting option
  • Going into the System and update section
  • Select the update option
  • Select the new update (which will appear in the watch display after getting the update)
  • Download and install the update.

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Huawei P40 global units get the August 2022 security patch update




Huawei P40

The Chinese tech giant Huawei has long failed to update its eligible devices with the security patch for the current month, but the Huawei P40 smartphone stands out in contrast. Users of the Huawei P40 smartphone now have access to the August 2022 security patch update, which is available for the global variant.

The most recent version is based on EMUI 12 and includes the August 2022 security patch to improve the security and performance of your device. Global P40 users will need to install this firmware on their devices, however, keep in mind that this new firmware is being rolled out in stages, so it may take some time to reach your device.

If you get the notification of the new version which is (C432E5R4P5) and has a 364MB installation size, you should update it as soon as possible on your devices. Furthermore, the update has not brought any additional features for users, but there is security improvement with fixes to 12 privacy and security-related vulnerabilities.

In addition, the recently released security patch enhances the AOD lock screen module, the My Huawei app’s performance, and the video framework. Down you can find more information.

Huawei P40

(Huawei P40 August 2022 security patch)

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Device Name:

  • Huawei P40

Update Version:

  • (C432E5R4P5)

Update Size:

  • 364MB

Operating System:

  • EMUI 12.

Huawei P40 Series EMUI update changelog:

This update improves system security with security patches.


  • August 2022 security patches have been integrated for better system security.

Huawei P40 August 2022 security patch

Keep in your mind:

  • This update is rolling out in batches, so it may take a little time to reach your device.
  • The update is only available for global users.
  • Keep enough battery and storage on your smartphone.
  • This update will not remove your data.

How to update?

Through the Support app:

  • Services Tab
  • Update
  • Download and install.

Through the Setting:

  • System & updates
  • Software update

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Huawei Mate 50 premium cover leaked online, Check all design




Huawei Mate 50 premium cover

The Huawei Mate 50 series is about to hit the market, and users are already getting goosebumps over the device’s design. According to the report, the Chinese tech giant Huawei will be launched the Mate 50 series in September 2022, but ahead of the launch, there are so many leaks have already surfaced. Recently, Huawei Mate 50 premium cover appeared online and confirmed the new camera setup.

The Mate 50 series has long been anticipated by consumers, who are now eagerly anticipating their release as soon as possible. The company has also dropped many different hints that it will soon enter the market. The most recent premium cover has now leaked and is fully visible, indicating that the device is currently not far away from us.

We are grateful to the reputable digital tipster @FactoryDirectorShiGuan, who shared the quantity of the premium covers for the gadgets and provided a back camera design that resembles the prior leak. Below you can check the Huawei Mate 50 series cover that protects your device and also delivers a premium hands-on experience.

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Huawei Mate 50 premium cover leaked:

Huawei Mate 50 cover:


Huawei Mate 50 Pro covers:

Huawei Mate 50 RS Porsche Design cover:


Huawei Mate 50:

The Huawei Mate 50 series will be launched with three variants namely the Huawei Mate 50, Mate 50 Pro, and Mate 50 RS Porsche Design. Furthermore, the new Huawei Mate 50 series will introduce innovations in imaging with support for Huawei Image XMAGE, and it will also be equipped with HarmonyOS 3.0 system.

Although the entire setup is more powerful than the P50 series, but it is still a 4G model. The Mate 50 Pro employs a hyperbolic notch screen, a star ring camera module positioned on the back, and face recognition is supported on the front to unlock the camera, which is more useful.

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