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[Update-Feb 5] Android 11 Update Status for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices



Android 11

On February 05, 2021

In this article, we informed you of all Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices that have eligible for Google’s latest Android 11 version. The latest Android 11 is based on MIUI 12 and now it’s also supportable for MIUI 12.5 version. According to the news, four more devices will able to take this opportunity and below you can find the smartphone names.

New devices released for Android 11:

  • Mi 10 Ultra
  • Mi 10T
  • Mi 10T Pro
  • Redmi K30S Ultra

On, January 24, 2021

Redmi and POCO smartphones maker has launched the Android 11 update to its eligible devices. In this article, we informed you that the Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices will get the Android 11 beta testing, preparing to open beta testing, the device in stable testing and more update. Now, Redmi and POCO have added some new devices to this list. Below you can find the new devices that will be eligible for the Android 11 version.

New devices in the open beta of Android 11:

  • Redmi Note 9 4G
  • Redmi 9T
  • Redmi 9 Power

Released Devices with Android 11:

  • Redmi K30i 5G
  • Poco X2

New devices in stable MIUI 12 testing:

  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 8T

On, January 17, 2021

Here, in this article, we informed you that the Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices will get the Android 11 beta testing, preparing to open beta testing, the device in stable testing and more. Now some more Xiaomi and Redmi devices join the party, you can check the list of new devices and compete devices list check the below.

New devices in the open beta of Android 11:

  • Mi 10T Lite
  • Mi 10i
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro

Released Devices with Android 11:

  • Mi Note 10 Lite

New devices in stable MIUI 12 testing:

  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 8T

Original Article:

Android 11 is the eleventh major release and 18th version of Android, the mobile operating system developed by the open handset alliance led by Google. It was released on September 8, 2020, and is the latest Android version to date.

Xiaomi has released the first Android 11 beta program in the month of June last year for the Mi 10, Mi10 Pro and Redmi K30 Pro smartphone users. After that, the company has started releasing the Android 11 update with the latest Custom – UI MIUI 12 in whole over the world.

The Google latest Android 11 comes with a bunch of features and they provide a great experience to users. Below you can check eight great features of Android 11.

Android 11 Features:

  • Conversations are a priority.
  • Bubbles, bubbles everywhere
  • Built-in screen recording
  • Quick access to smart devices
  • Much better media control
  • Permissions needn’t be forever
  • Pixel only: Live view Location sharing
  • Pixel only: Better screenshots and text selection.

In this article, our DNS team provides you to latest update for Android 11 and which Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices will get eligible for Android 11, devices in open beta testing, devices are ready to open beta testing and more. Below you can check the complete list.

The device in open beta testing of Android 11:

  • Mi 9
  • Mi 9 Pro 5G
  • Mi 9 SE
  • Mi CC9 / Mi 9 Lite
  • Mi CC9 Meitu Edition
  • Redmi Note 9 5G / Redmi Note 9T
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi K20 Pro/ Premium/ Mi 9T Pro

The device preparing to open beta of Android 11:

  • Redmi Note 9 4G/ 9T/ 9T Power (Testing Stable)
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro China (Testing Stable)
  • Mi 10 Lite/ Mi 10i (Testing Stable)

The device in stable testing Android 11:

  • Mi 10 Ultra (Open Beta)
  • Mi 10T/ Redmi K30s Ultra (Open Beta)
  • Mi 10T Pro (Open Beta)
  • Mi 10T Lite/ Mi 10i
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro (China)
  • Mi Note 10 Lite (China)
  • Redmi K30i 5G (Open Beta)
  • Redmi K20/ Mi 9T (Open Beta)
  • Redmi K30 Ultra
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Global
  • Redmi Note 9 Global/ Redmi 10X 4G (Open Beta)
  • Redmi 10X Pro (Open Beta)
  • Redmi 10X 5G (Open Beta)
  • Redmi 9 Global/ Redmi 9 Prime
  • Redmi 9 India
  • Redmi 9C/ POCO C3
  • Redmi 9A
  • POCO X2
  • POCO M3
  • POCO M2
  • POCO M2 Pro
  • Blackshark 2
  • Blackshark 2 Pro
  • Blackshark 3
  • Blackshark 3S
  • Blackshark 3 Pro

The device won’t get Android 11:

  • Mi CC 9e
  • Redmi Note 7, 7S, 7 Pro
  • Redmi 8, 8A, 8A Dual

Apart from these which devices have launched with MIUI 9 version won’t get Android 11.

Released Devices with Android 11:

  • Mi 10
  • Mi 10 Pro
  • Mi 10 Lite 5G
  • Mi 10 Youth/ Lite Zoom
  • Mi A3
  • Redmi K30
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • POCO F2 Pro
  • Redmi K30 5G/ Racing
  • Redmi Note 9S/ Note 9 Pro India


The above list is not official but the chances of this list being correct are 99%, stay tuned with us for further updates.

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Redmi K40 pushes MIUI 12.5.14 stable version update: support memory expansion function




Redmi K40

According to Weibo and active users, Redmi K40 has now pushed the MIUI 12.5.14 stable version update.

miui 12

In addition to optimizing and fixing the lock screen, status bar, notification bar and other issues, in the MIUI 12.5.14 stable version, Redmi K40 supports the memory expansion function.

After the memory expansion function is enabled, the system will provide an additional 3GB of running memory. This function will take up part of the storage space, and the user needs to use it when the storage space is abundant.

Redmi K40 mobile phone MIUI 12.5.14 stable version update content:


  • Fixed the issue of flashing black when using the super wallpaper, when the screen is unlocked and the fingerprint is unlocked to enter the individual interface

  • Fix the problem that the function of lifting the bright screen does not work

  • Fix the issue that all lock screen messages disappear after hanging up the phone and the screen turns on

  • Fix the occasional problem that the content of the lock screen page is not displayed when the super wallpaper is turned on after using the theme

Status bar, notification bar

  • Optimize the floating notification blocking logic of incoming calls

  • Optimize the display of alarm notifications

  • Optimize the adaptation of notification center and tripartite theme

  • Optimize the adaptation of notification messages and dark mode

  • Fix the exception that the permission pop-up window overlaps when the notification is long pressed

  • Fix the exception of inconsistent notification size and background caused by app lock

  • Fix the issue that the notification bar cannot be pulled down when the screen is locked

  • Fix the exception that the suspension permission of missed calls failed to open

  • Fix the anomaly that the media control panel does not occasionally appear in the notification bar when playing music

  • Fix the abnormality of the occasional lock screen notification jitter when the bright screen is lifted

  • Fix the problem that the notification button occasionally displays abnormally in dark mode


  • Fix the problem that the page of selecting the content to be restored is displayed blank after switching to the dark mode


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Mi Pad 5 Pro pushes MIUI stable version update: system optimizes WeChat horizontal screen experience




mi pad 5

According to netizens, recently, Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro ushered in the MIUI stable version update, the download package size is 51MB. Mainly the system optimizes the experience of WeChat in landscape mode.

Recently, a new version of WeChat has been updated. You can set personalized call ringtones and message notification tones; you can follow specific group members in a message do not disturb group; you can log in to the same WeChat account on computers, tablets, and other devices at the same time. Supports simultaneous use of WeChat on Android phones and tablets.

mi pad 5

Team DNS is informed that the Mi Pad 5 series uses an 11-inch LCD screen, has a 2.5K resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, support Dolby Vision, TrueTone true color display, and hardware-level anti-blue light, and has passed the Rheinland Low Blue Light hardware solution certification.

In terms of configuration, Mi Pad 5 is equipped with Snapdragon 860 processor, 8720mAh battery, supports 33W fast charge; Mi Pad 5 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, has an 8600mAh battery, supports 67W fast charge.

The Mi Pad 5 series is also equipped with MIUI for Pad system, with a variety of split-screen modes, adapting to more than 300 mainstream applications, supporting high-definition games, high-definition video, efficient office, professional painting.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 series weighs 515g and is 6.86mm thick. It has three colors of dark, dazzling white, and dark green.


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Xiaomi Mi 10i getting Android 11 stable update along with two month patch




Xiaomi Mi 10i

Xiaomi Mi 10i smartphone is a rebranded smartphone of Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G smartphone which is launched in China last year. The Mi 10i smartphone has come with MIUI 12 which is based on Android 10 out of the box.

In India, the smartphone has entered in the month of January 2021 and almost four months after the launch, the device has started receiving the Android 11 stable major update.

Now, the Mi 10i smartphone users capable to use all features of Google’s Android 11 and the company has attached the two months security patch with this. According to the changelog, the smartphone owners in India receiving the March and April 2021 security version in a single build number.

The all-new major update is rolling out by Xiaomi with the latest version number which is and the package size is 2.7GB. aside from this, the next major system update for the Mi 10i smartphone users is MIUI 12.5 but the company has not responded on this matter yet.

Xiaomi Mi 10i Android 11 stable update log:


  • Stable MIUI based on Android 11
  • Updated Android Security Patch to March 2021. Increased system security.
  • Updated Android Security Patch to April 2021. Increased system security.

Download Link:


Device Name:

  • Xiaomi Mi 10i

Update Version:


Update Size:

  • 2.7GB

Android Version:

  • Android 11

System Version:

  • MIUI 12


  1. Settings
  2. System
  3. Software update
  4. Check for Updates Download!
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