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Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Release date, New Features and Specification



Snapdragon 870

The Snapdragon QSD8250 was released in December 2007 and it included the first 1 GHz processor for smartphones. Qualcomm introduced its “Krait” microarchitecture in the second generation of Snapdragon SoCs in 2011, allowing each processor core to adjust its speed based on the device’s needs.

Now the Qualcomm will soon launch its latest Snapdragon 870 processor with the upcoming Motorola Edge S smartphone. The Snapdragon 870 5G Mobile Platform is a connectivity powerhouse, featuring both the Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System and the Qualcomm® FastConnect™ 6800 Subsystem. With 5G and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, you’ll experience high speeds, increased capacity, and widespread accessibility no matter where you connect with 5G. Now below you can check the specification, new features and release date.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Specification and features:

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Adreno 650 GPU
  • Kryo 585 CPU

Hexagon 698 Processor

  • Hexagon Tensor Accelerator
  • Hexagon Vector eXtensions
  • Hexagon Scalar Accelerator

Qualcomm Sensing Hub

  • Ultra-low-power hub for audio, voice and sensors
  • Supports AI algorithms at low power
  • Support for fusing contextual data streams
  • including sensors, audio and voice
  • Supports multiple voice assistants
  • Multi-mic far-field detection and echo cancellation.

5G Modem-RF System:

  • Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System
  • 5G mmWave and sub-6 GHz, standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes, FDD, TDD
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
  • mmWave: 800 MHz bandwidth, 8 carriers, 2×2 MIMO
  • Sub-6 GHz: 200 MHz bandwidth, 4×4 MIMO
  • Qualcomm® 5G PowerSave
  • Qualcomm® Smart Transmit™ technology
  • Qualcomm® Wideband Envelope Tracking
  • Qualcomm® Signal Boost adaptive antenna tuning
  • Global 5G multi-SIM
  • Downlink: Up to 7.5 Gbps
  • Uplink: Up to 3 Gbps
  • Multimode support: 5G NR, LTE including CBRS, WCDMA, HSPA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA 1x, EV-DO,

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth:

FastConnect 6800 Subsystem

  • Wi-Fi Standards: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), 802.11ac Wave 2, 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi Spectral Bands: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Peak speed: 1.774 Gbps
  • Channel Utilization: 20/40/80 MHz
  • 8-stream sounding (for 8×8 MU-MIMO)
  • MIMO Configuration: 2×2 (2-stream)
  • MU-MIMO (Uplink & Downlink)
  • 1024 QAM (2.4 & 5 GHz)
  • OFDMA (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • Dual-band simultaneous (DBS)
  • Wi-Fi Security: WPA3-Enterprise, WPA3-Enhanced Open, WPA3 Easy Connect, WPA3-Personal

Integrated Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Bluetooth audio: aptX Voice audio for super-wide band voice calls, aptX Adaptive audio for robust, low latency, high-quality audio, Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Technology


  • Qualcomm Spectra™ 480 Image Signal Processor
  • Dual 14-bit ISPs
  • Up to 2 Gigapixels per Second
  • Hardware accelerator for computer vision (CV-ISP)
  • Up to 200 MP Photo Capture
  • Up to 25 MP dual camera @ 30 FPS with Zero Shutter Lag
  • Up to 64 MP single camera @ 30 FPS with Zero Shutter Lag
  • Rec. 2020 color gamut video capture
  • Up to 10-bit color depth video capture
  • 4K Video Capture + 64 MP Photo
  • 8K Video Capture @ 30 FPS
  • Slow-mo video capture at 720p @ 960 FPS
  • HEIF: HEIC photo capture, HEVC video capture
  • Video Capture Formats: HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • 4K Video Capture @ 120 FPS
  • 4K HDR Video Capture with Portrait Mode (Bokeh)
  • Multi-frame Noise Reduction (MFNR)
  • Real-time object classification, segmentation and replacement


  • Hexagon for hardware-accelerated voice signal processing
  • Qualcomm Aqstic™ audio codec (Up to WCD9385)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N), Playback: -108dB
  • Native DSD support, PCM up to 384 kHz/32-bit
  • Customizable “Golden Ears” filter
  • Qualcomm Aqstic smart speaker amplifier (up to WSA8815)


  • On-Device Display Support:
  • 4K @ 60 Hz
  • QHD+ @ 144 Hz
  • Maximum External Display Support: up to 4K @ 60 Hz
  • 10-bit color depth, Rec. 2020 color gamut
  • HDR10 and HDR10+ CPU


  • Kryo 585, Octa-core
  • Up to 3.2 GHz
  • 64-bit Architecture

Visual Subsystem:

  • Adreno 650 GPU
  • Vulkan® 1.1 API support
  • HDR gaming (10-bit color depth, Rec. 2020 color gamut)
  • Physically Based Rendering
  • API Support: OpenGL® ES 3.2, OpenCL™ 2.0 FP, Vulkan 1.1
  • Hardware-accelerated H.265 and VP9 decoder
  • HDR Playback Codec support for HDR10+,
  • HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.


  • Qualcomm® Secure Processing Unit: Mobile, Payment, Dual SIM/ Dual Standby
  • Qualcomm® 3D Sonic Sensor and Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max
  • Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint, Iris, Voice, Face
  • On-Device: Qualcomm® Mobile Security, Key Provisioning Security, Qualcomm® Processor Security, Qualcomm® Content Protection, Qualcomm® Trusted, Execution Environment, Camera Security, Crypto Engine, Malware Protection, Secure Boot, Secure Token.


  • Quick Charge 4+ technology.


  • GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, NavIC capable, and SBAS
  • Dual Frequency Support
  • Low Power Geofencing and Tracking, Sensor-assisted Navigation
  • Near Field Communications (NFC): Supported.


  • Support for LP-DDR5 memory up to 2750 MHz
  • Support for LPDDR4x memory up to 2133 MHz
  • Memory Density: up to 16 GB.

General Specifications:

  • Full Suite Snapdragon Elite Gaming features
  • 7 nm Process Technology
  • USB Version 3.1; USB Type-C Support
  • Part Number: SM8250-AC.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Release Date:

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 will come with the Motorola Edge S smartphone on January 26. Snapdragon 870 5G is considered to be an upgrade over the last year’s Snapdragon 865 SoC.

Snapdragon 870

Aditya primarily uses Huawei and Samsung electronic equipment. Aditya likes wearing smartwatches as well, and at the moment he has a Galaxy Watch 4 and a Huawei Watch GT 2. As a tech geek, he constantly researches and meticulously evaluates new technology.

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HarmonyOS 3.0

Breaking: Huawei Watch 3 series HarmonyOS 3.0 beta update is expanding for global users




Huawei Watch 3 series

Huawei Watch 3 series has already got the HarmonyOS 3.0 beta interface and its features. The smartwatch has launched with amazing features and now it offers more rich functions for users. Now the great news has out for the Huawei Watch 3 series global units, the company has started rolling out the HarmonyOS 3.0 beta update for the Huawei Watch 3 and the Huawei Watch 3 Pro.

The latest firmware is now in beta testing and includes amazing features that you don’t currently have. Therefore, you can sign up for this program and receive this beta version if you want to taste this. The latest firmware for the Watch 3 is now available for global users and it is based on Huawei’s latest operating system – HarmonyOS 3.0.

As per the rollout information, the Huawei developers have begun to distribute the new version, which has an installation size of 440MB. There are many new features included in the update, all are listed below.

Huawei Watch 3 series HarmonyOS 3.0 beta features for global users:

The beta release of HarmonyOS 3.0 for the Huawei Watch 3 series includes a number of new features, such as the Super Device, new sports features, improved health management, smart travel features, and much more.

The pull-down dial interface makes it simple to access the Super Device feature, which is now supported. By enabling users to connect their smartwatches to their smartphones, it enables them to carry out a variety of tasks.

On the other hand, the update enhances the device’s sports tracking and health features. It raises the health report’s accuracy level and gives users a more personalized and thorough device.

Furthermore, the company also makes a new gaming feature accessible to users, through which you can get helpful hints and more guidelines on how to play the game. The update also improves the Bluetooth connection and adds a new Bluetooth icon.  Below you can check the full features of this update via the changelog.

Huawei Watch 3 series HarmonyOS 3.0 beta for global

(Huawei Watch 3 series HarmonyOS 3.0 beta for global)

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TelegramHuawei Watch 3 HarmonyOS changelog for Global:

Super Device:

  • Enables you to interconnect and collaborate between smartwatch and phone with a single pull.
  • Perform several actions and easily control connectivity between smart screens, Bluetooth headsets, fitness equipment, and more.

Professional Sports features:

  • The update brings an automated pause switch that can stop or resume the exercise and other workouts according to your exercise status. You can access the feature by visiting the Settings > Exercise Settings > Automatic Pause.
  • The device will also be able to support sports linkage to control the pause, end, and continue the course over the smartphone. Besides, it can connect to other Huawei devices and can use the S-TAG connection to sense posture, cycling, running, and more.
  • The screen will remain enabled till you are doing exercise. As a result, you can easily check on real-time exercise details. Next, you can explore, connect, and utilize sports equipment with the all-new Sports Health Equipment Management. To access it, navigate to Settings > More Connections > Sports Health Equipment Management.

Health Management:

  • Addition of a new altitude care function that showcases the risk of altitude sickness and gives scientific advice.

Smart Travel:

  • NFC car key now supports the new BYD models
  • Enhanced the door-opening function of smart vehicles with a touch of a Bluetooth car key.

Smart Life, Smart Features:

  • Additions of a new ‘Automated enter and exit sleep mode’ tab in the sleep application. When enabled, the watch will automatically enter and exit the sleep mode as per your sleep status. Further, it also supports custom durations. You can enable it by Sleep app > Sleep Settings.
  • You can now mute either the watch or smartphone while answering a Bluetooth call.
  • You can also switch audio devices instantly during eSIM calls through the Smart Voice control settings.

Advanced Dial:

  • Addition of Kaleidoscope dial that let you select your pic to create a personalized dial. You can also rotate the crown to see the kaleidoscope effect.
  • Now you have the access to install your favorite face watch directly from the watch.


  • New gaming feature that permits you to learn several thoughtful tips and usage of the smartwatch.


  • Optimizes the Bluetooth connection of the watch.
  • Adds a new Bluetooth icon that gets enabled while usage.

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[Update August 17] Google Play Store download links may be found here



Google Play Store

The Google Play Store and its features are well-known to everyone. The Google Play Store is the most widely used pre-installed application on Android smartphones. The Google Play Store allows you to download and update any app on your smartphone.

Google Play Store firmware upgrades are released on a regular basis, and the store is upgraded with a new version number. The Google Play Store is currently running on version 31.9.13. Google, on the other side, has updated the Google Play Store Wear OS build to 31.2.13.

Because the Google Play Store gave its services to billions of customers, this application received this upgrade with certain corrections and enhancements, and the firm has maintained it throughout the update. You can now find the download URL as well as links to the previous ten versions below.

As we all know that Google Play Store is the most essential application on Android devices that we all use. In today’s time Play Store is featured in some expensive watches for example Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series which is based on the Wear OS 3.0 operating system.

Google Play Store

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TelegramGoogle Play Store feature has been provided in this watch, some of us hardly know. It is necessary to update the Play Store given in the watch as much as it is required in the Android device. Below you can check the all Google Play Store download links for Android devices and Wear OS watches.


  1. Download Google Play Store 31.9.13 APK [August 17, 2022]
  2. Download Google Play Store 31.8.19 APK [August 16, 2022]
  3. Download Google Play Store 31.7.28 APK [August 14, 2022]
  4. Download Google Play Store 31.7.27 APK [August 08, 2022]
  5. Download Google Play Store 31.7.16 APK [August 04, 2022]
  6. Download Google Play Store 31.5.17 APK [August 01, 2022]
  7. Download Google Play Store 31.6.15 APK [July 29, 2022]
  8. Download Google Play Store 31.6.13 APK [July 27, 2022]
  9. Download Google Play Store 31.4.11 APK [July 24, 2022]
  10. Download Google Play Store 31.5.16 APK [July 20, 2022]
  11. Download Google Play Store 31.4.10 APK [July 14, 2022]
  12. Download Google Play Store 31.2.30 APK [July 13, 2022]
  13. Download Google Play Store 31.3.19 APK [July 08, 2022]
  14. Download Google Play Store 31.2.29 APK [July 06, 2022]
  15. Download Google Play Store 31.2.13 APK [July 06, 2022] [Android TV]
  16. Download Google Play Store 31.0.40 APK [July 02, 2022] [re-released, with new variant]
  17. Download Google Play Store 31.2.21 APK [June 30, 2022]
  18. Download Google Play Store 31.2.23 APK [June 29, 2022]
  19. Download Google Play Store 31.0.40 APK [June 28, 2022]
  20. Download Google Play Store 31.1.14 APK [June 25, 2022]
  21. Download Google Play Store 31.1.19 APK [June 23, 2022]
  22. Download Google Play Store 30.5.22 APK [June 19, 2022] [Android TV]
  23. Download Google Play Store 30.9.31 APK [June 18, 2022]
  24. Download Google Play Store 31.0.39 APK [June 17, 2022]
  25. Download Google Play Store 30.9.30 APK [June 15, 2022]
  26. Download Google Play Store 30.8.14 APK [June 11, 2022]
  27. Download Google Play Store 30.9.18 APK [June 09, 2022]
  28. Download Google Play Store 30.8.20 APK [June 08, 2022]
  29. Download Google Play Store 30.6.18 APK [June 04, 2022] [re-released, with new variant]
  30. Download Google Play Store 30.8.14 APK [June 02, 2022]
  31. Download Google Play Store 30.7.17 APK [May 30, 2022] [Android TV]
  32. Download Google Play Store 30.4.60 APK [May 30, 2022] [Android TV]
  33. Download Google Play Store 30.6.18 APK [May 26, 2022]
  34. Download Google Play Store 30.7.19 APK [May 26, 2022]
  35. Download Google Play Store 30.5.17 APK [May 24, 2022]
  36. Download Google Play Store 30.6.16 APK [May 20, 2022]
  37. Download Google Play Store 30.3.22 APK [May 08, 2022] [re-released, with new variant]
  38. Download Google Play Store 30.1.20 APK [May 07, 2022]
  39. Download Google Play Store 30.3.22 APK [May 05, 2022]
  40. Download Google Play Store 30.4.17 APK [May 04, 2022]
  41. Download Google Play Store 30.3.21 APK [April 30, 2022]
  42. Download Google Play Store 30.2.19 APK [April 29, 2022]
  43. Download Google Play Store 30.2.19 APK [April 28, 2022]
  44. Download Google Play Store 30.3.14 APK [April 27, 2022]
  45. Download Google Play Store 30.1.20 APK [April 21, 2022]
  46. Download Google Play Store 30.2.18 APK [April 21, 2022]
  47. Download Google Play Store 30.1.14 APK [April 19, 2022] [Android TV]
  48. Download Google Play Store 30.0.21 APK [April 13, 2022]
  49. Download Google Play Store 30.1.19 APK [April 12, 2022]
  50. Download Google Play Store 29.9.24 APK [April 11, 2022]


  1. Download Google Play Store 31.2.13 APK (Wear OS) [July 11, 2022]
  2. Download Google Play Store 30.5.16 APK (Wear OS) [May 21, 2022]
  3. Download Google Play Store 30.4.57 APK (Wear OS) [May 14, 2022]
  4. Download Google Play Store 30.1.20 APK (Wear OS) [May 10, 2022]
  5. Download Google Play Store 30.1.14 APK (Wear OS) [April 25, 2022]
  6. Download Google Play Store 29.5.49 APK (Wear OS) [March 17, 2022]
  7. Download Google Play Store 28.3.16 APK (Wear OS)[December 22, 2021] [re-released, with new variant]
  8. Download Google Play Store 28.3.16 APK (Wear OS)[December 15, 2021]
  9. Download Google Play Store 28.0.33 APK (Wear OS)
  10. Download Google Play Store 27.7.17 APK (Wear OS)
  11. Download Google Play Store 27.7.16 APK (Wear OS)
  12. Download Google Play Store 27.5.15 APK (Wear OS)
  13. Download Google Play Store 27.5.14 APK (Wear OS)
  14. Download Google Play Store 27.4.17 APK (Wear OS)
  15. Download Google Play Store 27.3.15 APK (Wear OS).

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Google Assistant gets the new update 1.1.2 which is available for only Wear OS users




Galaxy Watch 4 series

We’ve all heard of Google Assistant and you can easily use the phone and applications with the help of Google Assistant. Use Google Assistant to get voice assistance and now the app is available for Wear OS users like the Galaxy Watch 4 series and Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Furthermore, users can use Google Assistant to set reminders and alarms. Furthermore, you can manage schedules, answer questions, and control and navigate smart home devices while away from home.

Google Assistant is available for download from the Google Play Store. Additionally, users can update this app via the Play Store or can also download its beta version and most recent version, which are not available on the official store, by going to the link provided on our website.

Now, we are informing you that the Google developers have released the updated build 1.1.2 for the Google Assistant app which is only applicable to Wear OS users. The latest update carries the new version which is and the installation size is 16.43MB. To enjoy the new changes and better improvements you should install this latest build on your smartwatch. Below you can check the download link as well as the other information.

Google Assistant wear os

(Google Assistant for Wear OS)

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TelegramDownload Link:

Google Assistant (Wear OS)

App Version:-
package Size:-16.43MB
Download Link (ApkMirror):- ClickHere.

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