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Apple is a Software company, and Huawei has also started to take this path: Huawei executives



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Huawei executives: Apple is a software company, and Huawei has also started to take this path.

From September 10 to 12, 2020, the 2020 HDC will be held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. In the main visual, HDC (Huawei Developer Conference) added a suffix, it became HDC. Together, They also told the developers: the value of the 100th index that defines a is “Coding Together!

Last Huawei Conference Slogan is also: NO STOP, NO PAUSE, PLAY TOGETHER!

This seems to demonstrate Huawei’s determination to advance and retreat together with its developer partners. HDC also carries Huawei’s hope to make itself a little softer, and they launched a “battle” for this.

A battle that made Zhang Ping’an “want to shed tears”

In a speech at HDC, Huawei Consumer Cloud President Zhang Pingan, with a hoarse voice, revealed that since more than a year ago, Huawei organized a battle for the HMS ecosystem—Songhu Battle, the highest-level battle of Huawei so far. .

When explaining this term to NetEase Technology and other media, Huawei’s Consumer Business CMO, Zhu Yonggang, said that the battle meant “to gather people and resources, and quickly solve and tackle a key technical problem within a certain period of time.”

This key technical issue is HMS (Huawei Mobile Services). Zhang Pingan said that with the help of this “Songhu Battle”, in just one year, Huawei’s HMS ecosystem has jumped to the third largest mobile application ecosystem in the world.

In this regard, Zhu Yonggang believes that the current user needs are to be coherent. Apple is also opening up iPadOS, WatchOS, iOS, and MacOS. This is exactly the same as Huawei’s strategy; however, after embarking on this path, he discovered that “the ecology is really real. It’s too difficult, and it’s more difficult than imagined.”

This kind of difficulty made Zhang Ping’an “were about to cry” when he mentioned it.

When communicating with NetEase Technology and other media, Zhang Ping’an said that Huawei has fought “countless battles” since its establishment, but when the battle started, “No one in our hearts can win this battle with certainty. Because of this. Many companies want to build an ecosystem, but they all end up in desperation. Whether Huawei can do ecologically, we are actually playing drums in our hearts.”

However, Zhang Pingan firmly believes that Huawei has its own advantages: first, Huawei has end-to-side; second, network equipment; third, a better application service ecosystem; now, HarmonyOS 2.0 is released, “We have OS, and The application market, Huawei video, various applications, coupled with the HMS Core ecosystem, we really have the opportunity to build such an HMS ecosystem.”

In this battle, Huawei initially mobilized 2,000 people to participate in the development according to the Internet DevOps method. “But 2,000 people are not enough. We have involved more people,” said Zhang Ping’an. These more people include all Huawei’s People, from frontline sales staff to regional presidents in various regions, and even employees’ family members and personal friends.

Zhang Pingan said, “Huawei people are like this. The more difficult and difficult the Huawei people are, the less they will accept defeat.”

HMS: When there is no GMS, make Huawei phones “basically usable”

In his speech, Wang Yanmin, President of the Global Ecological Development Department of Huawei Consumer Business, said that the duopoly of Google and Apple in the mobile ecosystem has lasted for more than ten years, which is not a good thing for all aspects of the industry, including developers. .

Wang Yanmin said that Apple, which always has the final say, and Google, which wants to take 30% of in-app purchase revenue, need a challenger to build a new ecosystem, so as to make the mobile ecosystem more fair.

He is proud to say that in the year since Huawei launched the HMS ecosystem, it has initially realized that Huawei’s mobile phones are “basically usable without GMS services.”

Zhang Pingan believes that the judgment of “basically usable” is “correct” because the rapid growth of HMS users has proved this.

Wu Hao, director of Huawei’s application market business department, further explained that Huawei’s application market has 100 million users overseas. Developers have realized the value of this ecology. Therefore, the development speed is very fast, and the number has increased by more than 100% over the same period last year. The problem is that the goods are not enough to sell, not that users don’t approve.”

Wu Hao revealed that there are currently more than 70,000 applications on the shelves overseas, and 80%-85% of users’ download and use needs have been reasonably satisfied, so users are completely acceptable to use HMS mobile phones, “especially in some European countries, Russia, In areas such as India and Malaysia, there are basically no obstacles for users to use HMS phones. This is a user experience problem, and it is basically solved.”

One year of battle, HMS Kits increased from 14 to 56, and APIs increased from 885 to 12,981.

Zhu Yonggang said that there are 12,981 APIS far more than competing products, this is because “some engineers said that I went to their website to count one by one, we are more than them.”

In the future, HMS also needs to make Huawei mobile phones from “basically usable” to “easy to use”.

Make Huawei “softer”

The HMS ecology gave the outside world a feeling: Huawei is paying more and more attention to the software ecology.

Therefore, when communicating with NetEase Technology and other media, Zhu Yonggang said that Huawei has always wanted to become a little softer.

This “soft” is not the same as the previous “software code” that drives digital circuits. Zhu Yonggang said that software has always been important in the Huawei system, but before it was functional software, but now it is centered on software, ecology, and experience.

In his view, Apple is not so much a “hardware company”, but actually a software company for a long time. “It has not many types of hardware, just a PC, an iPad, and an iPhone.” The road has just begun.

According to Zhu Yonggang, the ratio of Huawei’s internal software engineers to hardware engineers may have reached 1:1; and at the beginning of this year, in addition to the hardware and software development team, Huawei also established a software marketing team.

He said that Huawei will gradually start to become more “soft.”

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On the right side, you’ll find a trio of buttons, housing volume adjustment keys and a power button that stands out with its vibrant red hue. The phone’s design emphasizes rounded corners, maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic, while the sides showcase a minimalistic curvature.

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huawei nova 12 pro

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via:- HC/Weibo

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